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Are You a Mainstream Media Propaganda Addict?

Any dictator would love the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media.

Dodie and I were just talking about how much people are giving up and defeated. Here’s the solution:

Quit watching mainstream media! They want you to be their sheep and feel defeated. Are you going to give up?

This is nothing compared to what our military, police, firefighters, emergency responders and their families do for our country.

Guess what? We don’t watch TV. I haven’t watched a major newscast in over a year or more. There are other ways to get real and truthful news.

If you are relying on fake news, you might as well cower down and give it all up to socialism now. Is that what you’re going to do? Throw in the towel like an obedient deplorable chump?

If you weren’t so glued to fake news, you would have already known the voter fraud was going to be bad. This is not a surprise.

The operative word is “prepared.”

Are you telling me you weren’t prepared for this?

Without watching the news, we already knew to stock up on goods INCLUDING TOILET PAPER weeks ago. Haven’t you heard there would be riots? Cheating? Voter fraud?

Guess what?

The media doesn’t officially declare or certify who the winner is. That might be news to some of you, but it’s true.

Lawyers for Trump, over 1000 of them, are in place and have been preparing for this. It’s no secret unless you get your news from media operatives.

In an online chat with up to 70 people from all over the U.S. Tuesday night, we learned the most trustworthy news came from NewsMax and OAN. Fox News was a disgrace.

Don’t listen to Biden when he says he has won. Don’t be a sheep following the herd.

Stop it with the propaganda.

Please tell me you’re not so sheltered you didn’t think the Swamp, Mob, Soros, China, Pelosi Party, and others were not going to do anything.

This is expected. Support President Trump and his team of world class lawyers. Don’t forget the just-in-time blessing of Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court.

The Senate majority remains Republican. More Republican women will be in Congress. Redistricting across the nation will be in our favor.

I’m telling you right now, our President is not going to give up. He’s a winner.

The choice is yours. Are you a winner or a whiner?

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  1. Bingo! I haven’t watched the lamestream news in about two years! And I dumped Fox about six months ago! The only news I watch are OAN and Newsmax. And I heard this evening that millions of people dumped Fox after they called a state so early. And Fox is in a lot of trouble for cutting off Kayleigh McEnemy when she called the democrat party out on so many of their crooked schemes down through history! The American people are wise to their garbage and I hope even more continue to wake up! Thank you for being a voice in the Great American Call-out! 🙂

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