8 Questions Biased Media and Debate Moderators Would Never Ask Biden

America Deserves to Know

It’s a bizarre occurance when the liberal New York Times reports “the pandemic in the United States will be over far sooner than they expected,” and through President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, efforts to develop a vaccine “have been working with remarkable efficiency.”

President Trump is drawing massive crowds on the campaign trail

That can’t feel good for the Biden team with the kind of week he’s experiencing. Before he went back into hiding in lid mode, last Monday he told a group he was running for the Senate (for the eighth time).

Tuesday even the liberal and sympathetic Politico reported Biden’s son-in-law is looking to cash in on the coronavirus pandemic – setting up a serious potential conflict of interest.

Wednesday the New York Post published bombshell email correspondence about the corruption in the Biden family.  A Burisma executive emailed Hunter, “[T]hank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together.”

After Biden said he is open to packing the court, media and campaign headquarters went into propaganda mode: stay away from “packing.” Call it “balancing” or “legitimizing” or “updating it to the 21st century”…something their sheep can embrace.

Biden is in “lid” mode.

No wonder Biden is hiding. Since September 30, he’s only taken six questions from the media. Kamala Harris doesn’t hold press conferences and relies on media minions to share cherry picked statements written for her.

It’s obvious the Biden campaign is trying to ride this out as the medias (broadcast and social) cover for them.

Here are eight questions that will likely not be put forth from the debate moderator to Biden at the debate Thursday.

1. After 47 years in D.C., why should Americans trust you to fix problems you’ve never been able to solve?

2. Why won’t you give a firm answer about whether you want to transfer the third branch of government and pack the Supreme Court?

3. Do you support Big Tech companies from censoring reputable news outlets when they publish unflattering information about a politician?

4. Why did you lie to the American people about having no knowledge of Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings?

5. How much will gas prices and Americans’ energy bills increase after you ban fracking and fossil fuels, which you have promised to do on multiple occasions?

6. Why do you want taxpayers to pay for free health care for illegal immigrants?

7. How is raising taxes on 82% of Americans a good idea in the middle of an economic recovery?

8. How can seniors trust you after you have pushed for more cuts to Social Security and more government control of health care?

Biden has been caught on tape lying and misreprenting his previous statements, the Democrats actual platform and what Kamala Harris has said.

President Trump’s America First Health Care Agenda is lowering health care costs, providing more flexibility in how Americans receive care, and includes the first executive order in history directed at protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions.

The Biden-Harris plan would hike taxes by $3.4 trillion, costing Michiganders thousands of dollars in new taxes every year.

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  1. Good questions that I’d love to hear them ask, but they won’t. One last question: “Did you or did you not call Trump “Xenophobic and racist” when he banned travel from China to prevent the spread of covid-19?” I heard Jay Tapper deny this fact on CNN. So they are all collectively backing away from this comment which is on tape.

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