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Does Your Favorite Brands Support Causes You Like or Detest?

Love them or hate them, your favorite brands may be donating and supporting your preferred liberal social causes–or not.

23 and Me– donated to BLM and pressured its employees to do so   

Airbnb– donated to BLM   

Anastasia Beverly Hills– donated to BLM   

Apple– donated to radical groups and has sweatshops   

Aritzia– donated to BLM   

Atlantic Records– donated to BLM   

Banana Republic– donated $250,000 to “EmbraceRace,” the mere name of which seems antithetical to a color-blind society   

Bank of America– donated to BLM   

Ben and Jerry’s– supports defunding the police   

Billie– donated to BLM   

Biosannce– donated to BLM   

Bliss– donated to leftist causes   

Boy Smells– donated to BLM   

Bungie– donated an unspecified amount to BLM   

Cisco– donated to BLM   

Coca-Cola– donated to BLM.   

Collina Strada– donates to bail funds   

ColourPop– donated to Minnesota Freedom Fund   

Cratejoy– supports BLM   

DECIEM– $100,000 to BLM   

Deckers Brands– donated $550,000 to BLM   

Devolver Digital Inc.- donated $65,000 to BLM   

Discord– donated to BLM   

DoorDash Inc.– gave $500,000 to BLM   

Dropbox– donated to BLM   

EA (a video games company)- it has pledged $1 million to groups including the Equal Justice Initiative and the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund.   

Etsy– donated to racial organizations   

Everlane– supports BLM   

Facebook– it has pledged $10 million to organizations campaigning for “racial justice,” whatever that means.   

Fashion Nova– supports BLM   

Fitbit– donated to BLM   

For Love and Lemons– donated to BLM   

Ganni– donated to BLM   

Gap brands– supports BLM   

Gatorade– donated $500,000 to BLM   

Glossier– it committed $500,000 to Black Lives Matter   

Goodyear Tire- allows employees support BLM but not police   

Google– donated to radical groups   

H&M– donated to radical groups 

Honest Beauty– donated to radical groups   

Hourglass Cosmetics– donated to BLM   

Ilia– donated to BLM   

Intel– it is donating $1 million to Black Lives Matter    

Kosas– donated to BLM  

Levi’s– donating $100,000 to the mass incarceration campaign group Live Free USA   

Lipslut– known for its F*ck Trump and F*ck Kavanaugh lip glosses and mattes and supports BLM   

Lululemon– donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which bails out rioters and other violent, dangerous criminals   

McDonalds– donated to racial organizations   

Microsoft– donated $250,000 to BLM   

Nabisco (maker of crackers like Ritz)- donated to BLM   

Nike– donated to BLM   

Peleton– donated to BLM   

PepsiCo.- donated to BLM   

Pokemon Co.- donated to BLM   

Prabal Gurung– supports BLM   

Pretty Little Thing– donated to BLM   

Pusheen the Cat– donated to BLM   

Savage X Fenty– supports BLM   

Sephora– donated to BLM   

SheaMoisture– pledged $100,000 to activists fighting for “social change”   

Skillshare– donated to BLM   

Spanx– donated to BLM   

Square Enix– it has donated $250,000 and is matching employee donations to Black Lives Matter   

Starbucks– lets employees support leftists but not conservatives; employees can wear BLM gear and pins, but not pro-police apparel.   

Target– supports BLM  

Thatgamecompany– donated to BLM   

Tinder– donated to BLM   

Toms Shoes– supports BLM   

Toms– supports BLM   

Ubisoft– it has contributed $100,000 to BLM   

Ugg– donated to BLM   

Unilever– donated $350,000 to BLM   

UnitedHealth Group– donated to radicals   

Walmart– donated to BLM and radical groups   

Warby Parker– supports BLM   

Warner Records– donated to BLM   

Wendys– donated to BLM

Whoop– donated to radicals   

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  1. Chick-fil-A should be on your list.
    After supporting the terrorist organization BLM, my money is mine. I’ll starve when that’s the best option. They should go ahead and open on Sundays. Being gay is wrong, but destruction, violence, murder, etc., is acceptable because of skin color?!?!
    No thanks.

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