14 Observations on the First 2020 Presidential Debate

Wait ’til you read Kellyanne Conway’s tweet directed at Joe Biden’s lie about her during the first debate. I went to bed last night frustrated about the debate. After sleeping on it, here are more observations.

1. Chris Wallace promised prior to the debate he would be almost invisible.  He wasn’t.

2. Each time Biden was on the ropes, Wallace saved him.

3. Most of Wallace’s moderating was not really questions. They were “when was the last time you beat your wife” type commentaries. “Will you denounce White Supremacy right here, right now?” –totally skirting around the fact that Antifa, KKK are Democratic groups.

4. Trump was right to say it appears he’s debating Wallace, not Biden. Most sensible Americans realize that will happen with MSM.

5. Wallace’s credibility is at an all time low. He wasn’t a moderator. He was a “nah nah nah naying” sheep herder.

6. Predictably MSM will be giving Biden glorious reviews. But Biden was obviously coached by his handlers to the point he had to refer to notes to see what his answers are (the ones he’s rehearsed).

7. Biden was coached to:

A. Use code words like “dog whistle” “systemic racial profiling” etc. This helps with indoctrinated sheep.

B. Look into the camera (old technique, but as cheesy and fake as he is, he did it) and is effective with some of his base.

C. The tired adage, “to appeal to liberals, appeal to their emotions” remains true. They grasp at hope and convince themselves there was nothing wrong about the treasonous actions of the DossierGate, Russia Gate, SpyGate, ChinaGate, HunterUkraineGate, WipingPhonesGate, KavanaughGate, MuellerGate, SorosGate, PrivateServerGate, PizzaGate, EpsteinGate, BallotHarvestingGate, and ImpeachmentGate.  They’ll believe everything he says even after 47 years of corruption and lies.

D. Throw figures out there that sound good, but have no factual merit.

Popular meme.

8. Biden, as Vice President, at the very least allowed his son Hunter Biden to profit millions from foreign countries and interests while he was in charge of stopping corruption. Trump was right to bring it up because millions of Americans want to know how Biden explains it away. Wallace was wrong to save Biden from the question.

9. And what about the wire obviously revealed in Biden’s shirt? You can actually catch him on tape adjusting it on the right portion of his chest. Media is calling it a shirt crease.

As James Woods tweeted, a “shirt crease?” And Hunter Biden wasn’t discharged for cocaine use from the Navy. And Hunter didn’t take $3.5  million dollars from the Moscow ex-Mayor’s wife. And Antifa is just an idea. And Biden/Obama  left America with a “booming economy.” And…”

10. Trump was winning the debate, especially with the Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court questions, but he shouldn’t have interrupted so much it forced a debate with Wallace. Or maybe, it was a good move to reveal Wallace’s obvious snarky bias?

11. While watching, I thought that if legendary newsman Mike Wallace was looking down on his son’s performance, he wouldn’t be too proud. Today I’m thinking of Chris Wallace is reviewing the debate, he’s second guessing himself. It was pitiful.

12. I understand President Trump’s frustration, even more so than I did in the 2016 debates with Hillary Clinton. We learned with the Donna Brazile’s giving Clinton questions beforehand, how desperate Democrat and media collusion are.

But no one could have imagined the amount of illegal and corrupt corroboration would occur constantly throughout Trump’s first term.

13. I suspected Biden would lie and distort. It’s been his mode of operation for decades. But when he distorted Trump’s own Kellyanne Conway’s words in regard to the liberal violence in America, I knew he went Swamp deep to lie.

14. Wallace interrupted Trump 75 times. Biden–only 15. Biden called the President of the United States a “racist” and a “clown.” Wallace allowed it.


  1. Jack, I always enjoy your Facebook posts whether in the serious or humerus vane but have grown an admiration for your ability to observe, consider, think and then write truthfully while maintaining honesty and respect for the subject matter and the reader. I watched The debate and had some concerns for how it was handled by all. Nothing could have changed my support for my President but your current writing (and some unrelated posts on social media today) is a great help in how I look back on the debate. So happy we met through Sally.


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