Biden’s Running Mate Booed in South Florida

Ouch! Joe Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris was campaigning in South Florida on September 11 and unwisely walked into a Venezuelan restaurant in Doral, near Miami.

The problem with picking Doral for photo ops is that the community has a sizable Venezuelan population.

Food lines in socialist Venezuela.

A growing number of the residents,  recent arrivals, came from Venezuela and Nicaragua. In other words, the last person they want to shake hands or have a photo with is a socialist. Their first-hand knowledge and real life experiences of left wing progressive-communist socialism is why they moved to the freedoms of America. 

She took her husband, also unpopular with many local citizens,  unannounced into the Amaize Latin Flavors diner. It didn’t go well. The community was upset.

Andres Garcia, president of the board of the directors of Amaize Latin Flavors, told local news that they would not have approved the visit had the campaign asked. 

Garcia explained he learned Harris walked in to their restaurant from social media postings. People were calling for a boycott of the restaurant.

This is not Seattle, Portland or San Francisco…yet. It’s Venezuela.

If any group of people understand the perils of socialism, it may be Venezuelans, who have seen their country ravaged under socialist rule. The likelihood of even a small percentage of voters for the Biden-Harris ticket are low based on the local outrage.

Where are the mainstream media “reporters”–the hypocritical crickets–on this story?

They may be purposely silent so as not to further tarnish their candidates image. Afterall,  protecting Democratic socialism is their apparent duty. However, as quiet as fake news has been, social media has been exploding with this story.

President Trump and others have been calling Biden a “Trojan horse for socialism,” insisting that he’s a “puppet” for the “socialist” agenda of the party’s radical left-wing base. Even some leftist media have admitted it’s a problem digging into the Democrats base.

What was the Biden campaign thinking sending her in to Doral? The visit was fraught with risk.

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