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Money Mule Reined In

A small Texas school district suffered a major blow in 2018, losing nearly $2 million in a business email compromise (BEC) scheme. And a Florida man who helped facilitate the crime is now serving time behind bars. Two years ago, an employee of a school district near Fort […]

Storming Santa Claus

There was a fierce storm in Santa Claus. “It’s a hateful rain,” proclaimed Dodie as we traveled farther away from Louisville as fast as we possibly could. Earlier we stopped in Frankfort, Kentucky to pay our respects at American frontiersman Daniel Boone’s gravesite. He’s buried next to his […]

COVID-19 Studies Reveal Skin Disorders Up From Excessive Personal Protection Use, Handwashing

Dermatologists across the globe are noticing an increasing number of patients experiencing unexpected skin disorders since the COVID-19 pandemic began. “Together with our social, occupational, and personal life, the new corona virus poses novel challenges for all physicians, including dermatologists,” an abstract and article from the U.S. National […]