Philip Anderson Tells About How Rosanne Boyland Was Killed at the Capitol, Jan. 6, 2021

He held peaceful protester Rosanne Boyland’s hand as she died from beating by DC Metro Police officer Lila Morris on the US Capitol steps.

Boyland, moments before her death

Philip Anderson, “The King of Free Speech” and leader of Team Save America, had plenty to say when Nancy Pelosi established her sham Committee about the January 6, 2021 rally at the U.S. Capitol.

The day before the second anniversary of that American tragedy, Anderson posted:

The following day he posted:

Here is an account of Rosanne’s last moments by January 6 survivor Philip Anderson, who was never interviewed by the January 6th Unselect Committee.

He was also seen on video unconscious at the bottom of the pile and witnessed Rosanne’s painful death:

“The Capitol police gassed us, causing us to not be able to breathe. We fell down. Then the Capitol Police beat and pushed more people on top of Rosanne Boyland and I until there was about 30 people directly on top of us. The police also drenched us with mace and other chemicals. We couldn’t breathe and we couldn’t see. I was air swapping with another person at the bottom of the pile…”

“…Unfortunately Rosanne was not able to get into a position like the one I was in. She screamed at first but that quickly died out as the weight continued crushing her to death. She knew that she was going to die which is why she reached out and grabbed my hand instead of using her arm for some other purpose. She held on to my hand for a few seconds and then she let go. Even though she said nothing to me I was able to understand.”

Boyland, after being beaten and smothered

I screamed at the top of my lungs for the Capitol police to stop. I screamed for them to stop killing us over and over. But they refused to listen. For minute after minute after minute they ignored my screams begging them to spare our lives. I stopped screaming for my life and accepted that I was going to die.”

“I slowly began drifting away but with not a second to spare, Jake Lang and other Trump supporters managed to stop the Capitol police and drag my body away from the Capitol police to safety.”

The people that tried to help Rosanne and give her CPR were maced in the face and beaten over the head by police as a Capitol police officer bashed in Rosanne Boyland’s head with a baton. The blows from the baton themself were not the cause of Rosanne’s death but they stole away any hope of saving her life. It was the combination of being gassed, maced, slowly crushed to death for minutes while in a bad position, and merciless beating over the head and body while she lay there motionless and defenseless.”

Popular meme

“The front line of police officers at the west Terrance tunnel, including Lila Morris, are all responsible for Rosanne Boyland’s death.”

“The BLM loving cop that lied about being called the N-word, the creep with the spider web tattoo on his neck, and the absolute moron that said January 6th was more terrifying than his entire tour in Iraq are all responsible. They have been honored at the White House every time Joe Biden feels like demonizing half of the country by telling lies about January 6th as he points at the murderer Capitol police officers and calls them heroes.”

Anderson, after having his teeth repair from an Antifa beating.

Anderson, who has over 21,000 followers on Gab, posted his thoughts and experience regarding both the movement at the Capitol and the Congressional circus act media promoted with fake propaganda.





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  1. I never heard of Roseanne’s death either. I am convinced the Capitol Police, FBI, and Nancy are behind the whole riot. Interesting that Paul Pelosi’s attacker was in the crowd and Pelosi’s daughter’s husband. All in on it! Staged 1-9 and staged hammer attack on Paul.

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    • They should have researched the Pelosi one. I carry a 4lb crack hammer in my bag. I’m not recommending murder, but if Orenthal James Simpson leaves the Home Depot at 7 and arrives at jail by 11, than he will have multiplied mass times velocity, and survey says bigger IS better. Whatever. It’s easker to say everything is fake until proven local.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Why is it that the 2 people that were killed were women (Roseanne and Ashlii)?
    Why was the man that they tried to kill was black?
    They hate women and men of color who are not liberal democrats far more than white men who are liberal democrats. Just look at the way that they treat conservative politicians that are women and persons of color.

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