Against Jan. 6 Democrat Narrative: Body Cam Reveals Patriots in Capitol Thanking Police for Their Service

“God bless the men in blue!”, “Thank you for your service.”

These are the words of American citizens expressed to police officers in the United States Capitol on the afternoon of January 6, 2021.

See video cam below.

While we have heard repeated claims of terrorist insurrection by Democrats, RINOS, Big Media and Deep State propagandists (including the FBI, DOJ, Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 Committee, etc.), these operatives made one huge mistake: Thinking most Americans would believe them.

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After continuous lies of Russiagate, Supreme Court nominee hearings, Benghazi, impeachment fiasco, resistance to building a protective southern border wall, illegal election activities, bioweapon jabs, a year of BLM/Antifa violence, and Anthony Fauci-induced pandemic mandates, it was a little too late for the majority of citizens to trust their nonsense.

That is why a million patriots showed up to peacefully gather between President Donald Trump’s White House ellipse and the Washington Monument.

America is not as naive as people with last names like Soros, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Cheney, Romney, Schumer or Feinstein would have us believe.

Evidence continues to prove the media, Democrats and operatives are lying.

Tucker Carlson’s reveals of the two-year old concealed Capitol security videos exposed the liars.

On Tuesday, a unique and separate bodycam video from within the U.S. Capitol substantiated what most of us by now know. Real patriotic Americans, not the planted operatives like Ray Epps, were peaceful, polite and respectful. Watch the video, exposed on Twitter now:


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  1. Video edited to accompany their narrative and their purpose. Why has Pelosi not been charged? I fear our country is lost because the Democrats have ruined our justice system and taken our republic past the point of no return. We all should be afraid, every hour of the day.

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  2. “God bless the people in blue!”, “Thank you for your service.” These are the words of American citizens spoken to a police officer at the US Capitol on the afternoon of January 6, 2021. What was the response of the police to these wonderful people? – JAIL !

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