Why Mayor ‘Beetlejuice’ Lost Her Reelection

“Mayor Beetlejuice lost,” announced a rancher at breakfast sitting next to our table at a Texas Hill Country restaurant.

Immediately, I knew exactly who he was referring to.

Lori Lightfoot was so bad, that last week she became the third mayor in Chicago history since Prohibition to serve just one term.


● In Chicago, a person is shot every 3.51 hours.

●A person is murdered every 16 hours and 17 minutes.

Only 2 months into 2023

Basically, she warped into the epitome, notorious caricature, and symbol of Democrat mayors of liberal American cities. She lied. Crime rose. People suffered.

The Chicago Sun Times noted Lightfoot “almost embraced playing the heavy, shutting down the lakefront and admonishing people to stay home. It played into her dictatorial personality…”

Simple search produces ‘Beetlejuice’
Chicago carjackings & arrests by year

At her own inauguration, Lightfoot looked the people of Chicago in the eye and promised she would halt the “epidemic of gun violence that devastates families, shatters communities, holds children hostage to fear in their own homes.”

The result? Violent crime is up 41 percent since she first entered the office of mayor.

Here are examples of how and why the public and her voters in Chicago, turned against her. Caution–this memes and comments are not pretty. She could not even make it into the runoffs.

Popular Chicago memes
Lampooned Lightfoot



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