Orlando Area Citizens Protesting Local News and Hotel For ‘Dumping of Illegals’ in Florida

American Patriots in the Orlando, Florida area are calling to action a protest at 3 pm on Monday, January 31, 2022 against Joe Biden’s unlawful relocation of illegal aliens into their communities.

Local News Wont Cover the Dumping of Illegals Into Central Florida!,” a social media post headlined.

“For those unfamiliar, Maitland, Florida is a nearby suburb of Orlando. To date and despite widespread disgust over illegals being dumped at the Extended Stay Motel in Maitland, the local news refuses to cover this.”

According to Laura Loomer, all three floors of the hotel are occupied to maximum capacity with no vacancies, “apparently due to the illegals staying there on our tax dollars. Almost all are adult males.”

Organizers are spreading the news on social media and considering a boycott of the hotel chain which has near 650 locations.

CEO Bruce Haase

“We are more than just the leader in extended stay hotels,” says Bruce Haase, President and CEO, Extended Stay America on their website. “At the end of the day, we believe it’s our fundamental responsibility to support the communities where we live and work. Therefore, everyone at Extended Stay America is committed to our core values.”

Organizers offered these additional action items:

“Here are the local news station contacts: please flood then with phone calls and emails and demand they cover this utter disgrace:

Wesh 2 News (NBC local):
(407) 645-2222 wesh2news@gmail.com

Fox 35 local:
(407) 741-5027

WKMG (CBS local):
(407) 445-1404

WFTV (ABC local):
(407) 425-4357″

“All our spacious suites are exceptionally priced and equipped with amenities that combine the best aspects of apartment living and a hotel stay,” the website indicates.

Maitland, FL.

“Amenities include a fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, stove top, microwave and coffee maker, free wi-fi, on-site guest laundry and housekeeping service options. And remember—the longer you stay, the more you save.”


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  1. I live on the Gulf Coast of FL and appreciate the phone numbers. The entire country should be calling AND should BOYCOTT Extended Stay America! Thank you for this! ~Juli Barbato


  2. I bet this hotel owner hates this. It’s not going to fare well for his future rentals and more than likely they are tearing his hotel up too.

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  3. Nobody cares about this. I mean really, there are 15,000 illegals entering the US DAILY. Yes, 15 THOUSAND PER DAY are being welcomed by a treasonous “Border Patrol”, given money, clothes and transported to the city of their choice.. Who cares about 600??? By next week it will fade away. America is dead and no one cares.


  4. Biden and cronies are dumping illegals in all swing states and Red states to fraud the voting system again. You should see the hotels and extended stay hotels in our medical center in San Antonio….disgraceful and they are trashing the places. I have a very good friend who is in the hotel sales Management business and have seen pictures and have seen and heard of horror stories with these illegals being dumped and living like pigs, trashing the properties. It’s an outrage and out of control!

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