Hillary’s ‘What Difference Does It Make?’ Revisited

Bill Clinton’s most renown statement is history is clearly “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

What was Hillary Clinton’s?

“Despite valid ceasefire opportunities to prevent ‘bloodshed in Benghazi’ at the onset of hostilities, Secretary (Hillary) Clinton intervened and quickly pushed her foreign policy in support of a revolution led by the Muslim Brotherhood and known terrorists in the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group,” wrote Charles R. Kuble in 2016.

After the September 11, 2012 Benghazi disaster, in May 2013, Hillary Clinton, testifying to the House Oversight Committee, barked her notorious response.

Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night and decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point, does it make?”

“…Clinton’s war actually did make a difference,” Kuble continued for American Thinker. “It led to a very real and very tragic humanitarian disaster. Her bad judgment and failed policy resulted in the arming of terrorists, months of war and tens of thousands of causalities, the murder of the American ambassador and the deaths of three other brave Americans, continued civil war and the collapse of the Libyan economy, and a failed nation-state contributing to a tragic European migrant crisis.”

America Remembers Benghazi

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  1. ALL of these pictures and this information needs to be FRONT & CENTER if that anti-American, crooked battle-ax intends to run again. For any office. Much of the voting public have a very short memory.

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    • I was a Union Rep, and I was a Republican. The Local Union President was a vehement democrat, but appointed me because he believed I’d help the Membership, which I did. To this day, years after he was out of office for the Local President, I’d stand if he walked in the room, I respect him that much. But some in the Union were purists, and some wanted me removed. I was appointed by the Local President, as were others, but most Union Reps are elected. An elected Union Rep, telling me of his plan to have me removed from the position (It didn’t work) was to do it soon enough before the next election that everyone would forget my contribution, he laughed as he said that “People have short memories, and they were counting on that”. I considered him a jerk and didn’t take his babbling seriously, but democrats really do count on people forgetting the harm they do.

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  2. Hello Jack,
    It’s perfectly fine to criticize the socialists and more than right too.
    The Obama-Clinton administration, together with the French and British, bombed Libya.
    But that is no reason for us to interfere in Muslim wars.
    We must learn to understand when Donald J. Trump says:
    “We have to get out of these stupid wars”.
    What is happening and has happened down there is not our war.
    Sorry Jack, but I think you are wrong for once.
    Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


      • Hello Jack,

        Thank you for your answer.

        I can confirm your assumption. I often translate myself, and sometimes that is even better than the digital translators.


        Basically, translators have weaknesses.

        The tenses get messed up, as in our case.

        Or the commas. They are very important in German. A forgotten comma, or an incorrect comma, can turn the whole sentence into the opposite.


        I think you know the blogger too: her blog name is shootahdcepassion. Here the



        There you will find a really interesting conversation between Karlheinz W. Gernholz (https://bit.ly/3g7ZUnv) and her. It describes exactly the problem what you suspect.

        I hope the links will run.

        It was a great weight off my heart that you answered so wisely.👍

        Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

        P.S Also this translation was corrected by me.

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        • No worries. I took German my freshman year of college in 1973. Only one semester. I am not very good with reading or speaking German. I admire anyone who can speak other languages. I do speak a small amount of Spanish.


  3. “…Clinton’s war actually did make a difference…..Her bad judgment and failed policy resulted in the arming of terrorists, months of war and tens of thousands of causalities……the deaths of……brave Americans, continued civil war…..and a failed nation-state contributing to a tragic European migrant crisis.”

    Let’s Go Brandon, seeing the Accomplishments of Hillary, above, upon the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, said “Hold My Beer” and went on to top this disaster.

    The democrats are consummate disasters. I hope that America Wakes Up. If the democrats were ever what they said they were, that party is gone. My worst years of employment were during the obama administration, I was in a plant, owned by a corporation with plants globally, and we were counting screws to save money. obamacare passed, pushed by the Union I belonged to, my choice of healthcare providers dropped from 3 to 1, and the 1 wasn’t part of the original 3. They cut coverage, increased deductibles, and increased copay. A Union supported this? Nothing but disaster follows democrat administrations.

    And RINOs are democrats that ran as Republicans. One recently, chumping Conservatives, was found out while there was still time to elect someone else.

    Vote Responsibly. Friends don’t let Friends vote for democrats. (It’s a joke, but urge anyone that thinks the democrats are doing a good job to take a real look at the country and world).

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