GOP Wins Virginia Majority Control of State House Chamber

Two recounts in Virginia recent elections have confirmed Republicans won a 53-48 majority in the House Chamber.

🔹On Dec. 8, a three-judge circuit court panel ruled Aijalon Cordoza (R) the winner of the election in Virginia House of Delegates District 91.

🔹On Dec. 3, Officials in District 85 confirmed that Karen Greenhalgh (R) defeated Alex Askew (D) in that recount.
Although certified results released on Nov. 15 showed Republicans winning 52 races and Democrats winning 48, the winning candidates’ margin of victory in District 85 and District 91 were within 1% of the total votes cast. Under Virginia law, the second-place finishers may request a recount within 10 days of results being certified. Askew and Mugler filed court petitions for recounts on Nov. 17.
Prior to the election, Democrats controlled the chamber with a 55-45 majority. Republicans needed to gain six seats to take control of the chamber in 2021, and Democrats needed to hold at least 51 seats to maintain their majority.

Five of the ten preceding elections in the chamber saw net shifts of six seats or more: twice in Republicans’ favor and three times in Democrats’. On average, 6.6 seats shifted control per election cycle during that same time frame.
The outcome of the House elections, in addition to the state’s 2021 gubernatorial election, also determined Virginia’s trifecta status. Virginia became a Democratic trifecta in 2019 for the first time since 1994. Since Republicans won control of the House and the governorship in 2021, they have ended Democrats’ trifecta control of the state.

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  1. Ever so slowly the pendulum is beginning to swing to center. Yet, we still, more than ever, have to beware of poseurs, frauds, moles and those willing to ride the Gravy Train but unwilling to drive the nails to keep the track straight.

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