Jussie Smollet–What Was He Thinking?

Like premeditated clockwork, White House Resident Joe Biden’s second in command, Kamala Harris, rushed to actor Jussie Smollet’s defense as soon as news first came out about his fake attack.

It backfired royally. Here’s a touch of social media memes blasting around the globe this week, after the jury found him guilty on five charges related to his fake plot.


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  1. My money is someone put him up to this maybe someone one else he met through the bath house. Many power players in Chicago comethrough this fraternity. Wasn’t boys town bath house area a frequent stopping place for a former president?

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  2. This type of racial false reporting and playing the victim card has been going on for a long time – at least 40 years. Part of it is due to Federal and State courts solidifying an agenda. Part of it is the nonsensical assumption that Blacks and other “minorities” cannot be racist, thus any claim of bias must be accepted as truthful. The problem lies in the fact that any group – racial, professional, political that is allowed to go without scrutiny is ripe for corruption and lowering of morality.

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  3. Hahaha! He didn’t just keep the receipt for the noose, he wrote a damn check to the guys who posed as white attackers! 🤣😂😜 He has to be one dumb SOB to leave a paper trail like that! He only humiliated himself and he’ll be forever remembered for it!

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