Two-Thirds of American Voters Say No to Chinese Buying Agricultural Land in US

Sixty-six percent (66%) of American voters favor prohibiting the Chinese government, the Chinese Communist Party, and citizens of China from purchasing agricultural land located in the United States. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that 18% are opposed to prohibiting, and 15% are not sure.

The totals include 44% who strongly favor the ban and only 7% who are strongly opposed.

Fifty-six percent (56%) of voters favor prohibiting federal funding for universities that partner on research projects with the People’s Republic of China. 24% say it’s okay to partner with them.

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Those totals include 33% who strongly favor the proposal to prohibit the CCP and 10% who are strongly opposed.

Finally, 62% believe it should be against the law for former members of Congress to lobby on behalf of communist countries. Thirteen percent (13%) disagree.


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  1. If truth in labeling could be implemented people would take care of issue

    Online sales prominate display country of origin and no discussion on who designed. No hood winking

    All farm products, including meat, must be clearly labeled with origin. This includes ingredients in processed foods

    Need to look at land sales and other assets especially if tied to important infrastructure


  2. Has anybody started a website to compete with Amazon and the like.. A commercial website that would offer only products made in the United States?

    Can you imagine the success of such a sales platform

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  3. Heck why not – Biden is selling oil to Asia while our prices rise and he tried to blame OPEC (they’re laughing at him). On his first day, he stopped the pipeline… oh dear, I’m starting to vent again – sorry!

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  4. I read somewhere, not too long ago, that a land sale was made to the Chinese through a third party/person. That person not realizing that they were dealing with the Chinese. There’s also the issue of, say a pig being raised here in the US, shipped to China for processing and then shipped back to our stores…and it’s labeled “Made/raised in America”.


    • Near Del Rio, Texas near Laughlin AFB, a Chinese agent bought parcels of many properties through a real estate proprietor from Lockhart, Texas (over 4 hrs away) in 5 separate purchase deals. The State of Texas refused this man rights to install a runway.


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