Myocarditis Reactions, After Taking Experimental COVID Vaccine Shots, Are Far Worse Than Predicted

Myocarditis has a 20% mortality rate at one year. And a 50% mortality rate at five years.

As of Nov. 4, there have been 12,131 myocarditis cases reported to the official Vaccine Adverse Events Report (VAERS). That is a small percentage of the actual cases experienced by Americans. Most experts indicate VAERS data is skewed because it is historically highly unreported. They believe the number exceeds 50,000.

VAERS is fast approaching 1 million adverse reports for 2021. Again, that number is far less than actual.

Myocarditis is just one startling concern.

🔹33,294 had severe and life threatening severe allergic reactions.

🔹29,104 are now permanently disabled.

🔹10,981 people developed Bell’s Palsy.

🔹9,094 had heart attacks.

🔹7,984 have anaphylaxis.

🔹4,268 had thrombocytopenia/low platelet.

🔹2,887 had miscarriages.

CDC recently added a warning.

It took four months before Biden White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced during a press briefing in May 2021 that the administration would continue to advise young people to get vaccinated, despite reported cases of myocarditis and other severe reactions.

This was two weeks after the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices released an advisory alerting doctors to reports of myocarditis, which was (and is) occurring predominantly in adolescents and young adults. Evidence at the time indicated myocarditis after the shots were effecting more males than females, more often following the second dose and typically within four days after vaccination.

The CDC claimed, also in May, its monitoring systems had not found more cases of myocarditis than would be expected in the population. Members of the committee on vaccinations said healthcare providers should be made aware of the reports of the “potential adverse event.”

Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle that can lead to cardiac arrhythmia and death. According to the National Organization for Rare Disorders, myocarditis can result from infections, but “more commonly the myocarditis is a result of the body’s immune reaction to the initial heart damage.” Pericarditis is inflammation of the tissue surrounding the heart that can cause sharp chest pain and other symptoms.

By October, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s vaccine panel heard startling information from Dr. Jessica Rose, a viral immunologist and biologist. She said thousands of reports have been submitted to VAERS for children ages 0 to 18, and that 60 children have died — 23 of them were under  2 years old.

Dr. Rose explained that 19 times the expected myocarditis events in children are being reported to VAERS following Covid-19 vaccination. She also criticized the targeted censorship of academic journal reporting that highlights the inordinate myocardities and pericarditis events in this age cohort.

“It is disturbing to note that “product administered to patients of inappropriate age was filed 5,510 times in this age group,” Rose said. “Two children were inappropriately injected, presumably by a trained medical professional, and subsequently died. This is malfeasance.”

“Emergency use authorization of biological agents requires the existence of an emergency, and the non-existence of alternate treatments,” Dr. Rose said. “There is no emergency and Covid-19 is exceedingly treatable.”

One week after the CDC announced it was investigating heart inflammation in recently vaccinated young adults, Connecticut reported 18 new cases of heart problems among teens who had received a COVID vaccine. All 18 cases resulted in hospitalization — the vast majority for a couple of days, while one individual remained hospitalized as of May 26.

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