11 Simple Truths: Masks Are Not About Health

Simple truths that tell you this is not about health.

1) When 99.8% of the people on average recover from this virus, it means this is not about health.

2) When there is virtual zero risk to children and they want to jab ages 2 and up children, it means this is not about health.

3) When a jabbed and an un-jabbed person can both get and transmit the virus but only the un-jabbed loses their job, it means this is not about health.

4) When Americans lose the right to decide what goes into their body, it means this is not about health.

5) When India and other countries reduce its COVID cases and deaths by 90% using Ivermectin cocktail and the US health officials deny its use, it means this is not about health.

6) When doctors are threatened with loss of license for using off label treatments to save lives, it means this is not about health.

7) When more deaths and adverse reactions are reported than ALL vaccines COMBINED over the past 30 years and yet health officials ignore this data, it means this is not about health.

8) When unjabbed people are denied other medical procedures because they simply want to remain unjabbed, it means this is not about health.

9) When early treatment therapeutics were denied and purposely kept from doctors, hospitals and thus billions of people, since March of 2020, leading to millions of unnecessary deaths, it means this is not about health.

10) When many people in Congress including their staffs and families, take Ivermectin, with zero hospitalizations and yet never speak up about the success or push to allow its use by the very citizens they represent, it means this is not about health.

11) When millions of people who got COVID and recovered and now have Natural Immunity, yet the Health Officials refuse to acknowledge and incorporate this into their policies, it means this is not about health.

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey

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      • Just a bit more elaboration on that snippet comment I made! Of course they are human beings but they are not behaving like such, and if they are adults in control of their faculties they are capable of course correction and that is a responsibility all adults are or should be required to abide by or we may as well have a free for all madhouse society where it’s do what you please!

        Many people seem to me like they would love that kind of do nothing but exist type of program and that is very disturbing to see! I see far too many Lazy and easy way out thinking Americans with nothing to offer and that is a huge problem; they would be better off not being humans if they had a choice to be frank. It can’t all be blamed on corporate media unless they’ve been sitting glued to a TV nearly 24/7.

        I mean people should be busy doing actual meaningful productive activities each day, and I many times see people who want to be led around by the nose or have a safe space to hide in every time they get a runny nose; and that is their own choice whether due to laziness or not ever having had to deal with real hardship or adversity; especially on their own. I can’t have much respect for leftist people that don’t even want to listen to someone like me and have me enlighten them, when they refuse to be talked to about anything; say about how evil and wrong it is to create pregnancies and then tear it out like trash; and still smoke their dope and listen to Alyssa Milano a really sick wicked freak! I have dealt with many of them head on, and, so now they are in a category in my mind’s eye of being worse than losers; they are part of the problem if they aren’t part of the solution! You do see what I mean don’t you? They vote for a maniac like Biden; Free Stuff is all they want! Don’t look for pity for them from me!

        We are at WAR and this war is the worst ever, and will only get exponentially worse, so do you have a better idea to face the reality before us, or face the music as they say?

        I don’t even like social media because its mostly airheads and people that are in their own little bubble fantasy or fixated on one thing or another but hardly figuring out what they are doing with their lives let alone figuring out or solving any world problems; and many don’t want to listen to anything that disturbs their delicate view of reality! People are lost and if reality comes to their door they are going to cry or flip out and be bonkers!

        Perhaps that lady on the sky liner would appreciate you holding her hand while you correct her life that is obviously lost!


      • Actually I forgot to add an important piece to the puzzle that is crucial and may turn the discussion in a whole new direction! I don’t know that person riding by herself on the sky liner at all obviously, and so there is a distinct possibility she could be a victim of multiple personality disorder and very likely had been influenced by the Monarch Mind Control Program that has infiltrated major sectors of our entertainment industry and education system; basically preprogramming many citizens. So you’re right about being mindful of the Media that is being used as a Mass Mind Control Instrument now in this High Tech AI world and it will only get worse. And yes this female may very well not be able to help herself if she is thoroughly conditioned or damaged; thereby not in control of her faculties enough to reason it out or in the least impaired and truly not fully cognizant of reality! So I have to say sadly that we have so many ill or mentally unbalanced people now!


  1. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    It’s a Dictatorship with herds of minions that were human beings!
    Think about it; even though the election was rigged tens of millions of Sheeple voted for that demonically possessed Madman in the White House! America’s own man of Perdition!
    See that even Sheep got the right to Vote! And why if Illegals can!
    It’s a Dictatorship with herds of minions that were human beings!
    Think about it; even though the election was rigged tens of millions of Sheeple voted for that demonically possessed Madman in the White House! America’s own man of Perdition!
    See that even Sheep got the right to Vote! Sure; if Illegals can why not!
    Democrats’ Plan to Turn Illegal Aliens Into Voters
    Biden’s border crisis and voting “reform” bills endanger the votes of American citizens.
    “Biden’s border bedlam is not a bug. It’s a feature of this faux moderate’s far-left agenda. Those whom conservatives call illegal aliens, Biden considers Future Democrats of America. Why fight over today’s voters when you can let 633,124 potential new ones invade the USA, from February 1 through May 31, versus 111,490 in 2020’s like period — up 468 percent?
    These people are here to stay. Pre-Biden, federal officials handed illegal aliens documents with distant dates when — wink, wink — they would plead for asylum before federal judges. “See you then” — nudge, nudge — replied the Great Uninvited.”
    God bless you my Fellow American Patriot Citizens!
    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III


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