President Donald J. Trump Quotes Highlights of Perry, GA Rally

Some of President Trump’s quotes from his September 25, 2021 rally.

“Each and every one of us here tonight must do everything we can to save America. We will never forget 2020… The most corrupt election in the history of our country… to be followed by a most glorious victory in 2024.”

“You know there never has been a concession. You do know that, right?” 

“If I won or lost, all I want is a fair election. I have no doubt that we won and we won fairly.”

“Somebody’s really screwing up our country,” when talking about our southern border.

“In particular your incompetent and strange, there’s something wrong with this guy, your Secretary of State Raffensperger.” 

“Afghanistan was the single most embarrassing event in our country, in my opinion.” 

M. T. Greene

“He’s a Marxist controlled by the radical leftist Democrats…Next year (Sen. Raphael) Warnock and every single one of these far Left lunatics must be routinely and resoundingly and decisively defeated.”

Stacey Abrams never conceded the race for Georgia governor, but was excused by the media.

“Of course, having her (Stacey Abrams) I think, might be better than having your existing governor. It might very well be better.”

Popular meme: Kemp & Raffensperger

“I said Brian (Kemp) you know you have a big election integrity problem in Georgia. I hope you can help us out and call a special election and let’s get to the bottom of it for the good of the country, for the good of the state of Georgia.”

“Now the people of Georgia must replace the RINOs and weak Republicans who made it all possible.”

“Welcome a man (Herschel Walker) who really knows how to win the United States of America. So proud of this man. One of the greatest athletes of our country’s history. The greatest running back that I’ve ever seen. Not only an American hero, he is an American legend born and raised in this state.” 



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  1. there is a thing on the internet hunter accepted 2 million to help change the election along with facebook. that was just listed on Microsoft news. you’re with the GOP and all that stuff came on the news so I’m just transferring one news source to here for ya. the geeks on another line on the internet know the same thing apparently where they prayed no one would notice the open VPN ports where data was being rummaged through in the election machines. there is another report that ballots that were mail-in ballots were xeroxed by professional xerox machines then mailed to groups that had a loaded amount of names. there is other news that stated the people that voted their person and id wasn’t even matched with the ballots beside them being called up on the phone to see whom they voted for. I’m collating information for you that came in on my feed. Me? I’m in question of the post office due to an unordinary amount of post office thefts that happened to myself, if i could find a law firm id sue them for everything they’re worth.

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  2. jerk filled china makes them pc’s and hardware. they should all immediately make them in the USA only. yet crappy china was making them and stolen data intellectual property and including personal information of all kinds of people everywhere so they could make web sites using peoples real names and their social security numbers then they would make a fake website stating they were some legal branch of government pertaining to some study intellectual study and if enticing enough a company or corporation and or a department would log onto it and then the malware begins and trogens and spyware.


  3. center for strategic and international studies has hunters name posted on one of their areas and its the same thing that came up donald j trump was mentioning in speeches when he was president. there is other posts on other sites where people feel biden isn’t even working for America that he i working for the countries he sold out America too that came up in televised news too many times to count. I’m just passing information of many others reports.


  4. the arazona pc’s, i think it was the arazona pc’s, they were taken to some hiding remote location by some guy that is an alleged pc professor, its posted that because it was found the VPN ports were left open on the administration pc connected to dominion voting machines, passing information of reports of other men that work on this stuff, me im just looking for the individuals that stolen my intellectual property. sometimes they give themselves away in guilt without having to do tcp/ip searches everywhere of a quad drillion pc’s on earth.


  5. hunters lap top was also found with biologic weapons manufacturing on his pc while he was in china, mike pompeo knows that as that was airred on tv too yet the bad part is that biological weapons manufacturing or how they described it was prior to covid coming out. passing information. yet if you find anyone selling glasses that are made with cameras and video and radio and mobile phone uses tell them they are liers if they claim ownership to the invention because it was hijacked from my old desk top pc. i have tons of designs of things, many, i use to mail myself letters i never opened of inventions i designed and mailed it to myself and didn’t open the letters their still sealed with the federal post office stamp.


  6. it was also found hillry clinton was promoting the trump collusion lie found on her emails and stated by people that received emails. trumpo didn’t communicate in that fashion that was stated. hillary was forcing false statements out there to try to persuade the voters by creating lies that also was aired on tv. that’s bad blood buddy. trump isn’t a lobbyist, because so he was faced by those that were that depend more on the votes from corporations as opposed to everyday common people. bad blood.


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