Is Defense Secretary Austin Biden’s Puppet ‘Darth Vader’?

Marine Corps General calls him out on forced military vaccinations

General David H. Berger

Apparently members of the United States Military Joint Chiefs of Staff are refusing to force their men and women to comply with White House resident Biden and his Defense Secretary Loyld Austin’s demand of COVID vaccinations for all.

Marine Corps General David H. Berger on Monday condemned Austin’s order requiring all Armed Forces personnel to submit to China Virus vaccinations under threat of court martial or discharge.

Heated Conversation

A source in Gen. Berger’s office overheard a heated telephone conversation between them and it’s been leaked.

Gen. Berger called the defense secretary–who some call “Darth Vader” because of his outlandish public appearances geared up with a head shield–minutes after Austin announced in a press conference that the vaccination is needed to maintain military readiness.

He said he will enforce the mandatary vaccination policy regardless of FDA approval status.

“There will be no mandatory vaccinations for my Marines,” Gen. Berger told him, according to a transcript making its rounds to independent news.

Under No Circumstances

“Under no circumstances will Marines be compelled to take a potentially hazardous vaccination that the FDA won’t even fully endorse,” Gen. Berger told Austin. “You are a coward and a traitor, manipulated by people pushing bad policy on the men and women who provide security to our nation. Neither you nor your puppet president has authority to enforce such a policy.”

Biden & Austin

Austin contended that mandatory vaccinations have been a longstanding requirement for soldiers enlisting into the Armed Forces, and they, as property of the U.S. government, have no right to decide whether to take the jab. The federal government and President Biden would decide for them, Austin said.

“They’re incapable of making informed decisions. So we, their leaders, make the big decisions they cannot,” Austin said. “Biden and Harris are in charge, not individual soldiers.”

“If conservatives and evangelicals see our fighting forces getting vaccinated, they’ll be more likely to get vaccinated themselves,” Austin is purported to have said.

Gen. Berger disputed, indicated it was appropriate to compare established vaccinations with a product that was rushed to market with little concern for side effects. He said the CDC and Dr. Fauci were corrupt, and he asked Austin why the current administration hid from the public an NIH report linking the vaccination to thousands of fatalities.

Side Effects Cause Deaths

“If someone dies, you say it was Covid-19,” Berger put Austin in his place. “There’s a refusal to admit the vaccination carries side effects that can include death in certain individuals.”

“I’m not a physician. I’m the Secretary of Defense for Joseph R. Biden, and I follow orders,” Austin retorted.

“In case you haven’t heard, Biden’s not in charge of the military, and neither are you. You can sell whatever lies you want to the media. You sold your soul, Lloyd, and I hope you can live with yourself,” Gen. Berger replied.

Gen. Berger informed Austin had the support of other Joint Chiefs of Staff and would implore them to ignore unlawful orders coming from the illegitimate administration.

“If a soldier wants the vaccination, fine. If not, he’s not rolling up his sleeve. If you try to forcibly vaccinate even one of my Marines, you better come armed,” Gen. Berger said, and hung up the phone.

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18 thoughts on “Is Defense Secretary Austin Biden’s Puppet ‘Darth Vader’?

  1. Jack, How would you rate your source for the Austin/Berger conversation. If the report is accurate, GEN Berger should be either court martialed for insubordination, or should resign. And that’s true, even if I absolutely agree with his position, which I do.

    I knew Captain Lloyd Austin when he was on the staff at West Point. I also knew him when he was Commander of 2nd Brigade, 82d Airborne Division. And I knew him when he was an Assistant Division Commander in Baghdad. I always liked him and respected him.

    Now, I am not so sure.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


    Bob Oberlender

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m more than 60%. But I’ve seen things like this before. As one commenter said, it sounds like typical good cop bad cop propaganda. My source is high up in active military. But not sure how strong his original source is. He’s been very accurate in past. I thought it was worth getting out there. If General Berger is out of the military soon, that would tell us something. I’m interested in why you think Biden selected him?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Jack,

        I am not sure why President Biden nominated GEN Austin to be SecDef. The following might be part of the reasons: He was a well respected officer. He led Afghanistan Command well. He led CENTCOM well. He is black. His peers (mostly raised to general officer ranks by Clinton and Obama) liked him. Hell! I liked him and respected him! I had a very difficult job as Chief, NCO Futures for the Army back in ’98. He was commanding 3rd Brigade of the 82d Airborne Division at the time. I arrived on his doorstep without warning with a complicated task, requesting his assistance. He went out of his way to help. His effort made my mission a success.

        I haven’t had any direct contact with him once he passed the one-star level. I don’t know how he got sucked in to Biden’s orbit. However, it certainly seems like he did, and drank the kool-aid to boot. To say that I’m disappointed is an understatement. I’ve been defending him amongst my veteran peers, and it seems that I was wrong.

        – Bob Oberlender

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    2. Unlawful orders is not insubordination. Those that carry out Medical Experimentation on humans without their consent violates international crimes against humanity. Haven’t we seen this before? Oh, yes we have at the trials at Nuremberg and they were found guilty for filling orders and they even stated they broke no laws. If this is true I am finally happy to hear someone in our Country at the highest levels has a backbone to do what right! Honor, Courage, Commitment! Hoorahh!! Under courage is it says “Do the right thing for the right reasons”. Just my opinion

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  2. I am a retired Marine officer. It appears I was wrong about our Commandant. This is the first time I have seen him take a stand (if the story is accurate) that has demonstrated that a general officer serving today still knows something about leadership and is willing to stand up to the administration when and if necessary to support his Marines.
    The SecDef’s comment that the troops don’t know how to think for themselves and can’t make the big decisions tells you all you need to know about him. Those serving today deserve better. Much better.
    Thank you General.
    Semper Fidelis
    M J Conrad
    Colonel, USMC (Ret)


    1. Thank you Colonel, for your comment & readership, but especially your service to our nation. I’ve heard from six other long time Marines today who express similar sentiments. I’ve also heard another General in a separate branch has sternly conveyed his displeasure with the forced vaccines. He’s not ready to go public, but may.


    2. “The SecDef’s comment that the troops don’t know how to think for themselves and can’t make the big decisions tells you all you need to know about him. ”

      I hate to be in a position to have to defend Lloyd Austin, but that just doesn’t sound like something he would say. If it is fact true, then he has done a 180 on the officer I used to know.

      – Bob Oberlender

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