Undeniable Facts About Biden-Harris Administration

🔹Under the Biden-Harris Administration, white collar and blue collar workers are suffering, but illegal immigrants are doing well.

🔹The likelihood that 100% of the military vote in Georgia went to Biden and Harris in 2000 is .00000006. In other words, it is zero.

🔹By most Democrat definitions and political playbook standards, Biden isn’t the President. He’s a “useful idiot” figurehead. Barack Obama, Valarie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Eric Holder and others are calling the shots.

🔹The Biden administration is denying refuge to Cubans after having established a de facto open border for Mexican and Central American migrants, because most Cubans would vote against socialist Democrats.

🔹The greatest threat to American Democracy are Democrats and RINOs.

🔹Liberals concerned about Biden’s cognitive abilities should probably be more focused on their own. They helped vote him into office.


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  1. I used to think that when the pendulum swung back from its current leftward trajectory things would begin to be normal. I was wrong.
    If the United States and Western Culture are to survive, there must be an end to this back and forth swinging of society. Either we again commit to being a Nation under God governed by just and moral laws or we just forget about it and admit that our time as a Nation has come and gone.
    Evil does not deserve Compromise. To Tolerate sin and insanity is to abet it. We are now at the point that at least two generations have little, if any, critical thinking skills, accept any and all bizarre behavior as a Right and will not or cannot admit that there are only two forms of human beings: male OR female.
    We have, within two generation, abandoned our children to not only the abortionist’s knife, but to those that are bent upon killing their souls and minds. Many of our institutions of higher learning – Yale, Princeton, Harvard, etc. have gone from being the pride of our Nation to becoming cesspools of corruption.
    In the Name of God and for the sake of ourselves, our children and future generations we must put an end to it. If this worldwide scourge of Evil is not first stopped here in the United States it will continue abetted for a very long time.
    It is, I think, not only time to Resist but to Arise.

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