San Diego Border Agents Overwhelmed by Sex Offenders Crossing into U.S.

COVID-19 is not the only problem coming to America from the White House’s horrid immigration policies.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in the San Diego Sector report a dramatic increase in sex offenders crossing the U.S. border.

They noted that “in fiscal year 2021, which began October 1, SDS’s Border Patrol agents have arrested 31 sex offenders exceeding the 25 sex offenders arrested in San Diego Sector during fiscal year 2020.”

In a Monday post, they reported “about 10:45 p.m. last night, an agent patrolling the mountains just east of the Otay Mesa Port of Entry was searching for a group of illegal entrants when he saw two men attempting to conceal themselves in thick brush.”

“The agent questioned the men about their immigration status and both men admitted to being illegally present in the U.S.  The men were placed under arrest and transported to a nearby Border Patrol station for processing.” 

“At the station, a records check revealed that one of the men, a 35-year-old El Salvadorian national, had been convicted in 2009 for aggravated sexual battery of a child under 13 in Virginia.  He was sentenced to 20 years in prison.  The man was subsequently removed to El Salvador in 2014 after having a portion of his criminal sentence suspended.”

“The El Salvadorian man will be held in federal custody pending prosecution for felony illegal reentry after deportation.  The second man was expelled back to Mexico.” 

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