Students Use “Bias Tip Line” to Report University of Georgia Professor’s Prejudice Against Conservatives

Students of ecology professor Scott Connelly at the University of Georgia reported on a bias tip line that he will not permit students to cite conservative news sources on his assignments.

University of Georgia photo

Connelly advised his students such sources are unreliable and not allowed. Permissible, in his class, only means “reliable” sources such as  CNN and the New York Times.

Screenshots of the instructions for a sustainable energy project assigned by the liberal educator were obtained by Young America’s Foundation through their Campus Bias Tip Line.

Connelly made certain in his introductory ecology class that students were only to use what he deemed “reliable news sources,” giving CNN and the New York Times as examples.

He also instructed that his students avoid information from conservative media outlets: Please do not draw from questionable sources such as National Inquirer, Fox News, OAN, blogs, etc.”

When questioned if he would give students who used conservative sources ‘good grades,’ he declared he was “completely at a loss” as to why someone would think he was biased against conservative media outlets.

“This has absolutely nothing to do with ‘conservative media outlets’, and I am at a complete loss as to why you are jumping to that conclusion,” Connelly wrote in an email. “This has to do with scientifically accurate news pieces that focus on the topic we are studying… it will be much easier to complete the assignment in a reasonable amount of time if students start with the reliable news organizations that I suggested, which have run countless articles that are scientifically factually correct and also address the topic we are studying.”

The professor attacked OAN, challenging the Young America’s Foundation editor to present him with a list of “suitable articles” from the network.

In a second email, Connelly wanted to know where the editor obtained her scientific training.

“…please share with me where your scientific training and expertise was obtained, so I can better appreciate why you find those news sources to be excellent choices to complete this assignment,” the professor wrote. “And I do remain quite curious which particular news stories from these sources you deem to be best suited for this assignment, so please forward me that list when you compile it.”

He didn’t provide his journalist training and expertise to establish how he determined two of the most obvious news outlets, especially those funded in large measure by the Chinese Communist Party through ads and grant type monies, were the most trusted in his obvious liberal opinion.

“Maybe he should stick to studying turtles,” one student said. “This quacky dude has an agenda of clear news bias.”

5 thoughts on “Students Use “Bias Tip Line” to Report University of Georgia Professor’s Prejudice Against Conservatives

  1. What a slick liar; probably wouldn’t know the truth if it ran him over, either. Unfortunately, there are a lot of teachers like this,, who intimidate students by insisting they only follow the teacher’s point of view. We have plenty of that right here in this little New Hampshire town.

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  2. I commend the students who reported his butt! I’m so glad I didn’t go to University! I planned on it after I got my Associates degree from Community College! But now? No friggin way! I’ll find a conservative Christian college to go to if there are any left!

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