Hypocrisy Reeks Among Liberal Socialist Democrats

Cuomo of all people.

2 thoughts on “Hypocrisy Reeks Among Liberal Socialist Democrats

  1. Only laws / regulations that are supported by the majority of the people can be enforced. That truism was taught to me quite a few years ago and has remained relevant today.
    Back then, certain neighborhoods were “exempt” from loitering and most noise regulation enforcement. Why? Because the residents didn’t want those city regulations enforced in their neighborhoods. Other neighborhoods demanded that those same regulations / codes be enforced. Of course, the quality of life was noticeably different in one neighborhood, but, as one “old-timer” succinctly put it, “That’s life, kid”.
    So, what happens if we just don’t adhere to the masks mandates? Start with the stores and restaurants. Patronize those that don’t mandate masks to enter. Let them fight City Hall when customers stop using their services. I’ve had enough of this nonsense and have been for some time.

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