New Poll of Biden’s Bad Disapproval Ratings Adds Creedance to False Election Vote Claims

Even with 94 percent of Mainstream Media feverishly on his side, Joe Biden has a whopping 47 percent strong disapproval rate after his first month in office.

Stunningly, the Rasmussen Poll of  10,000 likely voters was weighted in favor of Biden’s side. Their model was made up of 38% Democrats, 36% Republican and 27% independents.

How can Biden, a man the media proclaimed received the most votes ever in a presidential election, be so historically high in disapproval ratings right from the beginning of his White House residency?

With media overwhelming against him, pushing the false Russian Hoax and the Great Dossier Lie, President Donald J. Trump at least received a 52 percent approval rating his first month. This was accomplished with the same model with more Democrats in the tally.

Biden’s approval rating is just 50%.

More indications Biden didn’t win the 2020 election, and certainly not so overwhelmingly, can be surmised from these poll results:

Right now 57% of poll respondents believe America is now headed in the wrong direction. (With Trump, at this point in time of his tenure, 44% felt better about the country’s future).

Barely one-third (of the model favoring Democrats) approved of Biden’s job performance in February, while 39% strongly disapproved.

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