Banned, But Still Active (Maybe)

Like many, I’ve been banned from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Parler and MeWe are my lines of communication, besides email currently.

Let’s make this simple. Here’s a quick video from a Texas American Patriot who was at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Click here and hope it’s not banned.

This photo shows a man with a helmet that has been told to me to be the same type used by Antifa arrested at previous riots and marches.


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  1. I have an acquaintance from Eastern Europe and this summer he never closed restaurant down and never did facemasks or anything. In talking to him he said he has seen all this before. He said the next thing we’re going to see are false food shortages.

    I put this off as crazy talk just like the concept/discussion above.

    How to people here think? Jack? how do you think this thing ends or what happens over the next 30 days


    • I’ll post about Saul Alinsky soon. Also see my 5 part series “Will Trump Be America’s Last President” in September. Back then it told us how this plays out…and in retrospect, it did.

      The procedure is to make us suffer and frighten us so bad, that we will be relieved to have any morsel of mercy. Then we’ll comply and be grateful.
      Personally, I organically grow my own food, a pristine river is about 300 yards away, there is game if needed. I have food set aside to last us months. Well fortifide. I live in a rural area with very conservative neighbors. “We have guns and backhoes” is a common phrase around here.
      I was an executive at a major food retailer (over facilities, construction, maintenance, energy mgmt, services, security and all emergency ops), so know Texas will have food and provisions longer than most states of it gets to that point. (I retired at 53, 11 years ago, but know they have about 4x more warehouse space now).
      I always include redundancy in what I do. I know where I am going and who I am meeting if we need to bug out.
      See my articles on prepping and riots if you live in a vulnerable area.

      In 30 days, barring some miracle (strange, but I still have a Deep seeded glimmer of hope), I believe your Aussie friend is spot on.
      Depending on how bad this gets I see military involvement (possibly w China involvement as they move into Canada, Caribbean, etc).

      Biden Harris administration have been working on this for years. Every cabinet member has their purpose and already know what to do.
      Wouldn’t be surprised to see last minute Special Ops activity.

      Expect more communication and even energy outages, especially in large cities. It could go as far as sections of society having to wear uniforms to classify us accordingly.

      This is the motherlode. They control the US, they have the world. Massive immigration. Rations if your good.
      I even have a faraday cage on my electrical meter and box for vital electronics-communication. My 3 adult son’s and family know exactly what they’ll do. They are prepared to hunker down and survive a long time if s hits the fan.
      I know this sounds excessive, but mitigation, preparation, investigation, emergency management–with journalism, intelligence and communication are my fields of expertise. (Also NLP, ha!).
      I’ll bet you are sorry you asked. Maybe it won’t be this bad, but EVERYTHING I wrote about in September has been near accurate. As this all goes down, my sources are bunkering down. Its going to be more difficult to receive info.


  2. Jack,
    FB and Twitter are conducting major elimination of conservatives tonight. Our local Patriot Party FB page administrator was warned that he cannot allow any references to the stolen election or similar items. If it happens the page will be erased.
    ——————————————————–Cut Line———————————————————————————
    Xxx Xxxxxx
    I have been advised that pages displaying or posting articles, memes or images contesting the election outcome or claiming fraud, advocating or inferring violence will be removed from Facebook. Evidently they have removed a large number of group and personal pages today and will continue to do so. Please be careful what you post on this page. I will have a Parler account set up in a few days and we can migrate to that account.
    ———————————————————Cut Line——————————————————————————–
    The Purge has begun. I have posted on FB my answer.
    My Lord and Savior. We are doing our best to be forgiving in nature, but our enemies test us in new ways. They are gagging us and preventing us from expressing our views of this RECENTLY STOLEN ELECTION. Our patience has been tried fiercely. We have trusted in the sanctity of our elections, and WE HAVE BEEN BETRAYED BY THIEVES. Our President has been beleaguered by LIARS AND HYPOCRITES! Their FRAUD AND ABUSE of our Constitution is evident to all. We are trying very, very hard to refrain from VIOLENCE AND MAYHEM, but it is so difficult, my Lord. Please provide me with patience and reinforce my faith in my fellow Americans. Or I might just have to KICK SOME ASS!
    In Jesus’ sweet name, I truly pray. Amen.
    God bless Texas.
    – Robert Oberlender

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  3. I’m so sad.
    Here in Europe my family in law don’t see the problem. They’re following the mainstream merdias: Trump is a treat to democracy… Pitiful…
    I hope Trump will do the job theses next 11 days.
    When I speak with my honest and hard worker neighbours who are just informing themselves with mainstream it’s the same sad problem.
    But most part of my patients aren’t blind.
    I have one of the only job still authorized to work (dentist) and the psychiatrists have their hands full.
    So they come to speak.
    And a good part of them don’t swallow this fraude ans these lies.
    But the federal council is compromised. They discretely signed an agreement with CCP: their agent can now act freely on the Swiss territory.
    Same thing in France.
    It’s my last post here.
    They’re tracking us.
    I’ll follow you on mewe and parler.
    By the way, except if Robinette is not president, consider when you shut down the website, erasing our emails.
    I gave you previously a big brother email.
    Now I’m moving on proton mail with the highest encryption.
    God please bless and save America and the world.

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  4. Parler is now down thanks to Amazon servers. The reason they gave is ” until Parler learns to toe their line,” or some bullshit like that. Now that big tech has taken over, we should all be afraid of what will happen when Biden takes office. I read different takes on the reset, and most are far out there. One thing I am certain of, is that our government will be coming for the conservatives and Christians. We had a hill to fight for, but our representatives in DC gave up on us. Let us hope that Pelosi fades away during the night, that would be a good start.

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      • The View From My Front Porch – 01 10 2021

        First, Mom (Vonnie Hector) is still doing great. She got to talk to my niece Tracy the other day, and it was a right-on-time call. Tracy’s husband, Lorenzo is having some serious medical issues that are life-threatening. He was doing better today, so your prayers and the Lord are having effect. Please keep the prayers coming. I respect Lorenzo as a man like few others. And Tracy has become such a great woman.

        Now for the other news. Last night and today, I have received seven (eight now) reports via secondary or tertiary sources of a great event ready to happen in D.C.. None of the people who’ve made me aware of this are connected to each other, although there is one case of triple reporting of the same secondary source. The common threads in the reporting are:

        · Based on information received from “a friend or acquaintance” in “the government/military” in DC, people are putting out “close-hold” information to be “ready for some huge/important news/event” coming from Washington D.C. in the next several days.

        · Secondary sources are being told to spread the information around to their friends and family.

        · The information/event will at first appear to be negative for the Conservatives and Christians, but will turn out to be greatly positive.

        · There will be “confusion and upheaval” once this information/event occurs.

        · Be prepared for security and safety issues due to the disorder (or chaos in two reports). Reports provide some pretty good guidance on how to be prepared for an emergency, such as ensuring “food for two weeks” (stated in three reports verbatim), shelter, water, power (batteries, generators, etc.) and weapons and ammunition in two reports.

        · Some reports referred to martial law being imposed, or the EO that President Trump issued concerning foreign interference with the election.

        · Some reports came from pastors, with the message to the effect that “God is on our side, and will make things right”.

        · Other reports did not have a religious aspect, but hinted that Mr. Trump will be inaugurated for a second term.

        Analysis: There is probably some circular reporting occurring here. However, the separate religious and secular appeals may not be connected. It is likely that some of the initial sources are desperate for some good news and may have sent the original posts/calls out for a semblance of hope. There are pastors who are creating prayer rings/Vblog postings/calls for prayer in hopes, or because of faith, that Mr. Trump will remain President.

        I drove by SOUTHCOM HQ this afternoon to check the parking lot. If NORTHCOM were anticipating some military activity or “martial law”, I’m certain the SOUTHCOM HQ would be in a supporting role. I did not see any unusual parking on Ft Sam.

        None of my former or current colleagues in the relevant fields have given me any indication of warnings or indicators of “something big coming”. Of course, most of those colleagues are old, retired, out-of-the-loop, and decrepit like me.

        Conclusion: Barring direct intervention from the Lord, I am not expecting anything so dramatic as to change the results of the election. I would expect more “explosive” rumors (RUMINT) and “breaking news” to be published by media and pundits on both sides of the aisle. I don’t see any positive result of a declaration of martial law. I believe that if the EO is invoked, it will create a whirlwind of rumors and false information, but probably won’t stop an inauguration of Mr. Biden. At most, it may cause the creation of a Special Counsel.

        Now, I don’t think the Lord whispers His plans into my ear. The only thing He has promised me is Salvation. If He does plan on intervening, He’s not giving me a position on His planning staff. I guess he has Archangels Michael and Gabriel for that. That being said, I pray for the salvation of our Republic. Daily.

        Robert Oberlender

        Robert C. Oberlender US Mobile: 830 444 9496

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          • The military presence in DC is in all likely hood the rehearsals for the inauguration. Happens every four years. NG and active duty MPs for traffic control, Cadets to march in the parade.

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            • Clip I Saw look like they were stationed to guard

              Who is commanding the troops. They would not move on US soil without the president involved correct

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              • The Commander, Military District of Washington (MDW) is the senior officer for the DC region, and responsible for all troops serving in and around DC. He is also responsible for the ceremonies and parades that go on in DC. The assignment is usually given to a real fast-burner officer, who is destined for very senior command (–5aug19.pdf?sfvrsn=18af3b04_24). There is an Air Force brigadier general specifically in charge of the Inauguration ( All these parades and ceremonies are a REALLY BIG DEAL. They are giant logistical muscle movements. The rehearsals are meticulous, because they will be broadcast the the world. Even if Biden decides not to have a parade, these guys will rehearse up until the last minute, just in case. Traffic control is very carefully planned and heavily enforced, which requires a lot of troops and effort to emplace and remove obstacles. Yes, there will be a heavier guard force this year, I expect it. They wouldn’t want us Trumpers to interfere.

                “It would be another act of domestic terrorism, donch’a know.”

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            • Supposedly over 7000 troops on the ground in DC

              Supposedly it’s national guard from other states

              I’m not sure how that works. who has control Of national guard when send them outside of your own state

              Doesn’t that become federal for national guard to leave the state

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  5. Has anybody commented on the legality of threatening the President of the United States. Threatening the office of the presidency. Threatening the vice president to take action.

    Have some members of Congress and Pelosi violated law in their approach. And the threats?

    Just thinking out loud

    Interesting that President Trump will speak from Alamo Tuesday. I no longer believe in coincidences so I assume this is meaningful

    Also read there’s over 12,000 troops now in DC. I assume this is on federal land so the troops would be fully under the command of President Trump. Also does anybody know which states the national guard has been deployed to the capital. I recall hearing Pennsylvania and Virginia. Be interesting to know the states as that might be symbolic as well.

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    • Alamo the Alamo just semantics 🙂

      I attached a video on the last one I don’t know who these people are they’re from Europe I guess. After everything we’ve her I assume this is just fun talk or whatever


          • The National Guard confirmed that up to 15,000 troops will be authorized to be deployed around Washington D.C. ahead of Inauguration Day on Jan. 20.

            “Right now, we have approximately 6,200 National Guard Soldiers and Airmen from 6 states and the District of Columbia on the ground in the NCR [National Capital Region] supporting civilian authorities,” said Gen. Daniel Hokanson in a statement on Monday.

            The general noted that he’s received requests from the Secret Service, Capitol Police, and Park Police for guardsmen to be deployed in the city.

            They have also “been authorized to provide up to 15,000 Guard members to meet current and future inauguration support requirements,” he said. “To date, our troops have been requested to support security, logistics, liaison, and communication missions.”

            Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said she asked President Donald Trump and acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf to make a declaration of a disaster for the D.C. area to allow for more resources, adding that public gathering permits should be canceled between Jan. 10 and Jan. 24.

            Bowser also urged Americans to avoid the city during the inauguration.

            Wolf said Monday that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will start “the National Special Security Event operations for the 2021 Inauguration effective Wednesday, January 13th instead of January 19th.”


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