Photos Show Antifa Operatives Initially Stormed U.S. Capitol

Breaking. Photos of known Antifa operatives taken in Arizona, Philadelphia and Milwaukee are some of the same individuals shown in pictures of the initial stormers in the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.

Update: The tall individual with headdress and horns is Jake Angeli, a Trump supporter from Arizona. He is Q follower. The hammer and sickle tattoo is actually a symbol from a video game, Dishonored 2. It is still being investigated. If confirmed, we will make a correction (1/8/21 7:23 p.m. CST).

These photos add credence to reports indicating Antifa posed as American Patriots to incite the crowd.

28 thoughts on “Photos Show Antifa Operatives Initially Stormed U.S. Capitol

  1. The media don’t want to tell you the truth they say it’s Trump supporters we are not stupid we could see the difference one had a red Trump hat on and head fuck about Trump They need to arrest all of them along with George sorrow he’s paying for all this

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  2. I saw that on OAN. I just knew that they weren’t Trump supporters but didn’t know for sure until OAN confirmed it. People are super-pissed and sometimes good people are pushed and pushed until they’re pushed over the edge. Sometimes good people can be forced to do bad things. I will continue to pray for President Trump and this nation.

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  3. I am praying too. When I saw the video of police being pushed to the ground, I knew it wasn’t Trump supporters. I had heard Antifa planned to be in DC today. Disrespecting and atacking police and trashing buildings is something Antifa usually does. Of course, the media was blame Trump and his supporters for the actions of Antifa. This really upset me!

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  4. MSM and democrats praised those who stormed into the Capitol during kavanah hearings I think 2017 as being patriots.
    Sick of the BS double standards.

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  5. Victory Channel has more info; The Antifa crew were literally bussed into the area by the FBI and were already near the Capitol by the time the March got there. Mike Lindell said so. Thanks for these pictures; so good they are going everywhere. It was a setup; the Deep State is at the root of it, but one more time they have overplayed their hand. The truth is coming out! Good is going to come out of this; everyone is praying.

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  6. I noticed yesterday that those breaking in and causing trouble were Antifa and BLM members. Trump supporters do not wear gas masks to events, nor do they wear backpacks military helmets, or carry weapons. They do not break into buildings to cause destruction. You can bet that Pelosi, Schumer, and the Mayor of DC are up to their eyeballs in this mess funded by none other than Soros. They needed a distraction from Republicans contesting the votes and what better way than this. It worked, Instead of going back to the business at hand, they went in and confirmed Biden. In the process, they made President Trump look bad and his supporters. An innocent woman was shot and killed because of this. After the confirmation, the left started calling on Pence to invoke the 25th amendment against President Trump.

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  7. We expose the truth on their malfeasance all the time and it gets us no where, we will be condemned for what we didn’t do, and they will be praised for accusing us of what they do!! It never ends any different than the last time, and I don’t think it ever will!!

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  8. Everything is already in play! Had to let the left commit the crimes. Trump knew all of this would come about. It always ends up this way. But trust me, this is not the end. Watch the arrest within the the next week. The left is scared and will do whatever to save their asses. Pence will be one of the first arrested along with Mitch McConnell, and the rest of the traitors. Hold on for the ride of our time, to Constitutional law!
    4 more years, or more!

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  9. you are right, Soros is behind all this crap, and he is tied to the software for the Dominion machines.
    Here is another gold mine. I read someone, Obama is also behind all this, and of course we all know Hillary too. But one more thing, read about how the machines are so hackable over two years ago, and I saw this coming. IT gets better. Read this article about BIDEN and Soros, and how the hacker was paid to hacker the voting machines and flip the votes. \
    The Italian Job: Explosive New Testimony on Dominion Election Fraud
    The Italian Job: Explosive New Testimony on Dominion Election Fraud

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    1. Yes, very aware of all of this. If you are new to Clever Journeys, please read some of our articles pertaining to these topics. Our readers have known about this since September BEFORE it occurred. Thanks for your comment and readership.


  10. I have played through Dishonored 1 and 2 twice. The hammer and sickle is distinctly Russian/Communist. Has nothing to do with the Dishonored franchise, which is a totally different world than Earth. And it has a fascist, not communist, form of empirical structure with aristocracy ruling the lands.

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  11. I have been following this since before the election. Q and Q supporters with their explanations that ballots were tagged with watermarks to prove they were valid, NSA supposedly infiltrated and cleaned all voting machine computers so they couldn’t be controlled? What happened? If the good guys were talking about this BEFORE the election why did they stand down? How could the white hats fail so spectacularly? If this were my day job as a white hat, Iwould have figured that suitcases of ballots needed to be “lost,” that voting machine race weighted voting needed to be changed to one person one vote, maybe even put code to reject/delete votes by dead people, reject/delete out of state votes, reject/delete multiple votes by one person (even the 1 vote, because they cheated), reject/delete illegal immigrant votes, reject/delete under age votes, reject/delete felon’s votes, … and so on. If this were my day job all these things would have been a no brainer. If this were my day job I would have suspected that Antifa/BLM terrorists, who were so eager to wear uniquely indentifiable clothing were doing so in order for witnesses to say “Oh, that is Antifa/BLM” so easy to ID… and then, AND THEN recognize a set up. They did that, wore easily ID’d clothing so they could later wear pro-Trump gear and “suddenly” appear in a Trump rally to disrupt it. It is obvious to me in hindsight, but if this were my day job I would have been looking and alerted the White Hats. Oh, there were a few, like they man who took down Antifa breaking a window. But, point is, how could the White Hats miss this?

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