#Boycott Georgia to Reveal the Fraud: How to Fight Back

13 thoughts on “#Boycott Georgia to Reveal the Fraud: How to Fight Back

  1. Jack
    Ever read up on the bush funeral. The envelopes? Or the released email chain between pence and Paul Ryan 1 month b4 2016 election during the famous billy bush tape release on Trump ?
    Might tie into what we are seeing today ?
    I have three articles I’ll put links below. Maybe topic is of interest. The first article make sure you watch the second video attached in article

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      1. Ben sasse has ties to Bush family ( appointed by Bush 2) Find this interesting

        Kemp’s history as Georgia Secretary of State and election work / voter info issues also interesting. Long history in this area of election discussions.

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  2. Also. Have you ever read the book “ Franklin scandal “. Ties sex and kiddie trafficking to political figures through Omaha to cia party houses in Washington DC. Cia filmed then framed powerful people. I stumbled on this when I moved to Nebraska.

    PBS made a documentary that never aired. I understand the rights were purchased and all copies were to be destroyed. I used to have a boot leg copy. Bet I don’t have it any more

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      1. Two books

        Franklin cover up written by a Nebraska state senator DeCamp. He is not a writer ( which will be painfully obvious if you read) but he wanted to make sure that record was put public. If I recall he had witness accounts that included Bush 1. Something about attorney general from this period as well? Going by memory

        The book Franklin scandal is more researched , up to date , and well done.

        Between the two a very complete discussion especially if the note passed is as the video shows. “ I told them everything, I’m sorry” and was read as the casket passed ( or did say they know everything ? )

        Interesting Bill Barr was personal attorney For Bush.

        He becomes attorney general for Trump Feb 10 2019 a few months after bush 1 passed

        Who did bush 1 tell everything? Barr resign to be a witness ? Or why resign a few wks early ?

        January 6th, will the military operation pence Miller discussed be disclosed?

        What did Barr mean in interview “the corruption much deeper and broader than ever imagined”

        What did Lin wood mean when he described … something like ‘ all corruption will be revealed, and when done the white house will never be corrupted again ? I think he discussed this more than 1 month ago.

        Why does trump keep threatening to declassify everything ( what is everything)

        How does attorney client privilege work upon death. Or how would death bed confessions work. Who would Bush 1 “ tell everything” ?


        1. These are exciting times. For some reason, I’m more excited about how Trump is gaming this and will win than I am fearful. None of the media, Deep state, even most of those who work near and for him have no clue. Sometimes you need in enemy in the tent with you, as LBJ was fond of saying…when you’re camping you want them pissing out of your tent rather than in it.


  3. Remember when Bush 1 became VP. It was like… who is he? Well he would have run the CIA extortion party house ( described in Franklin scandal) if it was in operation or similar operation. This would have given him much power

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