73 Million Americans Will Not Stand for Political Left Corruption

Leftist Deep State operatives and their propaganda puppets in mainstream media showed their cards again Saturday during the massive March for Trump in Washington D.C.

Television news reporters and camera crews set up on side streets to give false illusions of low attendance.  Their hypocritical mantra of “Superspreader” was repeated across the airwaves and cable.

“This is why COVID-19 is attempting to be used as a political weapon to eliminate “freedom of assembly,” wrote ConservativeTreehouse (CTH), an often accurate and popular political blog. “The size of the MAGA coalition is a risk to those who are attempting to install a power system over We The People.”

CTH notes that President Donald J. Trump has “gathered 73 million votes for his re-election, and still climbing. Subtract the fraudulent and manipulated ‘mail-in’ ballots from the Biden operation and you have a reality of 73 million MAGA army members staring toward an opposition front containing battalions of cardboard cutouts.”

“No amount of media spin is going to change the reality of that political landscape. 73 Million MAGA Americans with their energy focused on any issue is a formidable force that will overwhelm all opposition.”

Let there be no doubt… in the face of this resistance beginning to assemble, the media narrative is now focused on the catch-phrase ‘reconciliation’,” CTH emphasized. “Their only purpose for this narrative shift is an attempt to create a Potemkin Village to direct the anger and frustration of a very righteous majority. However, this ‘reconciliation‘ play is a guise; the leftists have no intent on anything except total domineering power.”

“Right now anyone who does not support the totalitarian demand for absolute power is being targeted by the Big Tech oligarchs and removed from social media. The rebel alliance is under attack… The control agents are no longer even trying to hide.”

73 million Americans showed up to vote for President Trump, despite the elites and the media.

Before Trump took office, for decades, jobs have been outsourced by corporations with support of elected officials and supported by the media.

Minority communities and cities have been devastated. Flyover manufacturing, blue and white collar jobs, farming, were subsidizing other countries at the expense of our own people.

“The elite New World Order direction is clearly to have Americans pay for all other countries, limit population growth here, end freedom of religion, patriotism, nations, end freedom of speech,” one commetor said. “These unelected people are supported by elected officials and big money. The people in this country and other countries have never been given a chance to influence these decisions and the serious ramifications across the world. Instead our military (sons and daughters) are tasked with regime change defined by these people.”

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