President Trump Breaking Historical Records With Marathon Campaign Rallies

Just weeks after recovering from COVID, the President and First Lady have been making public and historical campaign appearances in marathon fashion.

Today President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks at a Make America Great Again Victory Rally in Manchester, New Hampshire and visits Bangor, Maine.

This weekend there have been hundreds–not a few, not a dozen–and scores of community Trump Train, Boaters for Trump “Trumptillas” and Bikers for Trump Rides across America.

From September 1 to October 25, 2020, President Trump’s appearances were attended by 469,783 people. This included crowds sizes near 35,000 each in Fayetteville, NC, Newport News, VA and Jacksonville, FL.

Hendersonville, NV had almost 25,000. Last Friday, Trump had 25,000 in Ocala, FL and 20,000 more in Macon, Georgia (his first Macon rally four years ago, had 7,000).

Since September 1 until yesterday, Saturday, October 24, 2020, Biden had less than 852 (in that same time period as Trump).

There literally may be more Trump supporters protesting Biden events than Biden attendees at his events.

From Eric Trump.

Reports from 14 states reveal people have been camping overnight, parking lots at airports filled to capacity and Secret Service preliminary estimates of crowd sizes have been exceeded beyond their expectations.

Hollywood elitists are no match to the kind of patriotism that stirs 30,000 cars in Florida or 7,000 people in Laredo, Texas to join in Trump Train Caravans.

The New York Times and CNN can’t spin enough lies to stop hundreds of thousands of patriots to sing the National Anthem across all 50 states to start off their Trumptillas in our lakes, rivers and coast lines.

Monday President Trump was in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and gave rallies in Prescott and Tucson Arizona. 

On Tuesday President Trump had an interview on Fox & Friends, participated in the Sinclair Townhall event in the White House Rose Garden and flew to Erie, Pennsylvania for a rally.

Wednesday he held a rally in Gastonia, North Carolina.

Thursday his next rally was in Pensacola, Florida. The President and First Lady traveled to Nashville to Belmont University – Curb Event Center. He had a 4 p.m. roundtable with supporters and then went back to the event center for the Debate.

Friday morning he announced another historical peace deal with Israel and Sudan, then traveled to Oscala, Florida for his rally in The Villages.

Saturday he casted his vote in West Palm Beach, Florida, then visited Fayetteville, North Carolina. He traveled to Lumberton, NC to deliver remarks on Fighting for the Forgotten Men and Women (Robeson County).

He traveled to Columbus, then to Circleville, Ohio at Pickaway Agriculture and Event Center for a rally.

The next stop was  Milwaukee, and then to Waukesha, Wisconsin for another rally.

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