Thousands of Fans Angry Pink Will Sing For Biden

Several hours ago, the entertainer Pink indicated on social media that she would be performing at a Sunday Biden concert with the Foo Fighters, Cher, Black Eyed Peas and others.

With over 15,000 responses, currently 73 percent are negative. Here’s sampling.

The same types of reactions was seen in September when actor Dwayne Johnson, also hyped as “The Rock,” publically endorsed Biden.

Not only did he lose tens of thousands of followers, radio commentator Rush Limbaugh chimed in.

“So you know what? I’ll tell you why this is a story. There is 100,000 comments to this guy’s video on his Facebook post,” Limbaugh said. “Ninety-five percent of the comments are expressions of anger and feelings of betrayal,”

“Johnson obviously doesn’t know who his audience is, or maybe he does,” he continued. “Dwayne Johnson’s audience, just like LeBron James and all these current pop culture icons, it is the ChiComs who are paying them. It is the ChiComs who own them, and it is the Chinese to whom they are loyal.”

Limbaugh commented that negative feedback doesn’t matter to Johnson because he cares more about “his masters in China” than his massive American fanbase.

The same tactic didn’t help Hillary Clinton much in 2016.

2 thoughts on “Thousands of Fans Angry Pink Will Sing For Biden

  1. Another one “PINK”, “FooDoo”, “BLPeas”, and “The Pebble” bites the dust. No one is missing you good luck making Millions Again😂😁🤣😂🤣😅😁😆😁😂😅😃😀

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