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Are the Tents Collapsing Around the Democrat Circus Sideshows?

A popular definition of a circus side show, or freak show, is an exhibition of biological rarities, referred to in popular culture as “freaks of nature.” 

In 2020, it may be difficult to see a good old fashioned side show due to pandemic social distancing and restrictions. But you can easily watch them on the nightly news or on social media videos. Today’s performers go beyond the more extreme body modifications–tattoos and piercings–or those that can perform fire-eating and sword-swallowing tricks.

This season’s sideshow oddities are arguably echoed primarily in the streets of liberalist controlled cities, Democratic run states and by Saul Alinsky inspired communistic-socialist politicians.

Their mainstream media barkers howl at us each night to watch their exhibitions of extraordinary specimens destroying, terrorizing and killing.

When they’re not munching on popcorn from their government offices, the performer’s handlers provide all the attention and lies they could ever ask for. But often the public feels duped and tires easily from the exhibitions and performances. Some become angry and disgusted by it, especially when the Schumer-Pelosi Democrat Circus acts become violent and intrusive.

Are their circus tents collapsing?

Democrats are now mourning over their loss of 20,000 votes after officials confiscated counterfeit driver’s licenses from China at Chicago’s airport.

Not only were they fake, they are technically “real ID” with diplomatic flags allowing protection for bad actors from arrest. It’s basically a free pass for terrorists.

Another Democrat can of worms means not only are they used for voter fraud, but have been found in illegal Social Security, welfare and unemployment crimes.

Chicago Mayor and Ring Master Lori Lightfoot quickly blamed it all on surrounding states.

In the last 18 months such fake licenses were intercepted at Dallas-Fort Worth airport. New Jersey and St. Louis experienced the same in November 2019.

Communist China’s has a history of stealing social security numbers and personal information through cyber activities. TikTok is one avenue they use to gather data and interfere. China expert Gordon Chang says TikTok is Beijing’s Trojan Horse to begin the indoctrination of Americans.

Twitter is considering a merger agreement with TikTok.

Meanwhile, the looting and rioting in Chicago was so bad last night, the media actually reported it.

One of their more fragile acts, a wannabe pitchman, “Creepy Joe” Biden, actually came out of his basement yesterday to bark in front of cameras that, “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

A decade ago, comedian/actor Robin Williams caused liberal university students to laugh when he said that Biden “is like your uncle who is on a new drug and hasn’t got the dosage right.”

Memes like this are saturating social media.

To make matters worse for the Circus, new court documents now accuse Biden of suggesting the Logan Act could be used against Michael Flynn. Biden had previously denied being personally connected to the case against Flynn. If true, this accusation contradicts Biden’s story, raising questions about his role in the situation.

Biden was bombarded and lambasted on Twitter, such as this response from
James Woods below:

“Don’t worry. You guys can just print up some phony ballots and mail those in. All the “dead Democrats” and illegal aliens won’t notice you’ve “harvested” their fake votes. Now go back to the cellar and can some peaches.”- James Woods

East Coast Acts

Always looking for ways to one-up its own failed welfare state and run the Covid score up for media show barkers, California has now approved a pilot plan to pay $1,250 to anyone who tests positive for coronavirus to encourage them to “stay at home and self isolate”. 

Alameda County’s Board of Supervisors has set aside $10 million for the program, which will allow payments to 7,500 people.

A public records request revealed this week that LA city councilman Mike Bonin, who voted to defund LAPD by $150 million, has called LAPD to his home eight times since 4/4/20. This included at least once to provide extra patrols and protection from “peaceful protesters” at his house.

East Coast Shows

Performance Trainer and Governor Andrew Cuomo announced he will not support an independent investigation into New York’s COVID nursing home disaster.

From NYPD News yesterday: “Despite one newspaper’s account, our officers who came to the assistance of an 11-year-old girl being assaulted in Harlem on Sunday did not stand by. They were met by a large crowd that hurled projectiles at them and had to reposition, then called for additional officers.”

Boss Hostlier and Mayor Bill de Blasio has filled three Upper West Side hotels that previously catered to European tourists with hundreds of homeless people, drug addicts, and sex offenders.

Shootings in New York City at this point in 2020 are on track to surpass the number of shootings witnessed during this time frame in 2018 and 2019 combined.

Elsewhere, in Clown Alley, the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF), who received received $35 million from contributions from Hollywood celebrities, George Soros and other leftists has been bailing out defendants from Twin Cities jails charged with murder, violent felonies, and sex crimes. Some of the stars included Steve Carell, Cynthia Nixon, and Seth Rogen.  

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