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JackNotes: Positively Habits

Quick Notes from Superhuman by Tynan: Positivity Habits Positivity Towards Yourself Every time you have any negative thoughts, simply think of one positive aspect of the situation. For example: if your car gets towed, you can think about how now you’ll get credit card miles when you pay for the […]

100 Ways to Motivate

Wake Yourself Up. Use Your Best Time for Your Biggest Challenge. Use the Power of Deadlines. Use Positive Reinforcement. Use 10 Minutes Well. Tune In Before You Turn On. Translate Worry into Concern. Track the agreement. To Motivate Your People, First Just Relax. Think of Management as Easy. […]

JackNotes: Productivity Habits

JackNotes are quick summaries of notes I’ve taken from books, conferences, classes and life experiences. Productivity Habits Twice, Then Quit When you want to quit working for the first time, don’t. Push through and work some more The second time you want to quit, also don’t quit. Push […]