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How Americans Are Controlled by China

In her eye opening book, “China RX: Exposing America’s Risk Of Dependence On China For Medicine,” author Rosemary Gibson provides a terrifying warning: “Supplies can be withheld. Medicines can be made with lethal contaminants or sold without any real medicine in them, rendering them ineffective.” China makes 97 percent […]

Was President John F. Kennedy “Too White?”

You be the judge. ____________________________ For the record, Elvis was a Pepsi man. ______________________________ Famous people of all persuasions who have endorsed Coca-Cola include Marilyn Monroe, Ray Charles, Anita Bryant LeBron James, George Michael, 50 Cent, David Beckham, Paula Abdul, Cal Ripken, Kobe Bryant, Roger Clemens, Neil Diamond, […]

Major Liberal Businesses Joining in CDC Propaganda to Create Ads for Controversial COVID-19 Vaccines

Many progressively liberal-socialism corporations such as Google and Facebook are sponsoring content and endorsing COVID-19 vaccination ads to persuade Americans to take the controversial injections. Other companies, with strong reliances on China, are also teaming up with the CDC and the Ad Council in the propaganda initiative. They […]