Interviews and Lives of Clever People

“What makes you happy?” is a question Jack asked each person he interviewed. Below are excerpts of some the answers at the age they said it:

“Singing and playing, of course.”

B.B. King, 85

“…remember when you were mine years old? Always be the person you were when you were nine.”

Jerry Lewis, 83

“Continuing to learn and continuing to have opportunities to apply what you learn.”

Buzz Aldrin, 76

“Always reach for the stars.”

Gene Kravitz, 72

“John (Lennon) said it best: Imagine.”

May Pang, 60

“Working hard, creating, and long enough, to pay my dues and earn the right to do what I want to do.”

Clint Eastwood, 46

“Knowing and appreciating what God has blessed me with.”

Elvis Presley, 41

Let’s spread spread the love and wisdom.

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