Expert Says Biden Guilty of Taking Foreign Money for Policy Changes & Military Reengineering

Cocky and somewhat incoherent, Joe Biden continues to do what he is told.

From sitting in the basement during 2020 election season to dutifully reading Obiden teleprompters in a fake White House set, the walls seem to be closing in on Biden, and his son, Hunter.

“The federal bureaucracy’s heretofore impenetrable cone of silence that has protected Joe Biden from prosecution for serial betrayals of his office and our country has now been breached by a whistleblower from the Internal Revenue Service,” said Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.  
Executive Chairman, Center for Security Policy. “Thank God!”

In a joint letter issued this weekend, “House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer and a veteran of myriad dogged investigations, Sen. Chuck Grassley, declare this IRS veteran’s evidence to be “highly credible” concerning then-Vice President Joe Biden’s receipt of money from a foreign national in ‘exchange for policy decisions.’”

“The FBI has known about this for some time, and its notoriously willfully blind Director, Christopher Wray, has now been subpoenaed by Congressman Comer,” Gaffney explained. 

“While we must expect more skullduggery as the ‘administrative state’ and its partisan allies try to slow-roll or otherwise cover for Biden, one thing now seems increasingly clear: Joe will go.”

Military Social Engineering

“A new U.S. Navy marketing campaign, supposedly aimed at young Americans, features a cross-dressed male sailor beckoning them to enlist,” Gaffney noted. “The message is: a once-squared-away military service is now a sea-going Sodom and Gomorrah.”

“Such a ‘fundamental transformation’ has been a goal throughout Obama-Biden’s three terms since it not only targets a bedrock of our national security, but one that’s long exemplified the best of our national traditions and values.”

If such radical social engineering of our armed forces results in our defeat, it will be proof positive that the wrecking operation inflicted by those “doing business as Joe Biden” is not just harming our country. It’s benefiting the President’s masters in Beijing. 



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  1. I think that we would see that the Installation of Incompetents is going on Internationally, not just a U.S. Issue.

    Ramses, a Blogger from Spain, Translates Blogs and Forums from other languages to read them in his native Spanish tongue.

    But the craziness in Spain is similar to the craziness in the U.S., and that’s a concern, because it means that there are that many politicians willing to sell-out those they represent, and that globalists are this influential in undermining the choices of individual voters.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Congress miscreants are under no obligation to represent either their districts or any individual within those districts. Besides which, two senators to represent tens of millions of people and 1 Congressman to represent tens or hundreds of thousands of people is risible. We are living through a script; a script owned, funded and operated by oligarchs.


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