How Crooked Maricopa Election Officials Controlled the 2022 Narrative

Remember that Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center is referred to as MCTEC in news reports and court documents.

MCTEC is also synonymous with election fraud in the hearts and minds of millions of Americans who see through the corruption and fake news.

Using the Democrat Election Stealing Playbook, MCTEC deliberately delayed releasing November 2022 ballot totals for two significant reasons:

Control the Narrative

They drop the counts from the “Democrat-friendly” precincts batches first and report the ones from Republican-heavy locations nearly last. It fit the propaganda story that the Democratic candidate, Katie Hobbs, had a lead that Kari Lake simply could not overcome. This was the same mode of operation used in 2020 when Big Media, including Fox News, proclaimed Joe Biden a presidential winner prematurely.

Stack the Deck

They had to determine how many fake or illegal ballots to accept by Democrats so that final total of the late reported Republican batches came in much less in favor of Kari Lake than pollsters like Rich Baris and others predicted based on their exit polling.


During Election Day, the overall vote was coming in 75% for Kari Lake or more.

Given the distrust of the mail-in balloting in the wake of the 2020 election, many—if not the majority—of Kari Lake voters had opted to wait to vote in person or drop off their ballots.

In concert and combined with the chaos created by the tabulator issues in predominately Republican-heavy Voting Centers, the volume of ballots arriving at MCTEC was overwhelming.

The MCTEC heat map could have been utilized to expeditiously identify which ballots shipments were arriving from the most heavily Republican-leaning Voting Centers.

Recall the MCTEC worked with Runbeck Election Services where Voting Centers experienced the 19-in ballot image on a 20-in ballot Election Day “hiccup.”

It is in this Democrat Playbook the MCTEC is Maricopa’s supposed centralized tabulation center. As with other municipalities like Philadelphia, Detroit, and Fulton County (GA), these centralized vote-counting centers are a tactic used by the Left to weaken election integrity.

It’s very difficult to pull off any effort to manipulate the final vote totals when votes are being counted at hundreds of local neighborhood voting precincts.

When ballots are sent to a single tabulation center, then it only takes a handful of bad actors to manage the process and pull off any widespread ballot stuffing/manipulation scheme.

A close look at the heat map in MCTEC is very revealing.

●The red “pins” represent the Voting Centers that had a 50% or higher ballot rejection rate with their tabulators.

●The blue pins represent locations with lower rejection rates but still experienced issues.

The Voting Centers with the highest rejection rates almost entirely fall within the heaviest concreted Republican areas or just on the outskirts.



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  1. So ashamed of the state of Arizona for NOT fixing their rampant election fraud prior to this recent ‘election’. Katie Hobbs should be in prison, not in office.

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  2. Actually, I remember quite fondly how in 2020 election night, Trump had a commanding lead across the board around midnight, that night.
    But then it happened, around 1:30 Biden came on national TV. I’m paraphrasing here, but he announced that the counting would “stop” for the night, and resume the next day. Remember the famous Trump tweet, he said right there” this is where they’re gonna steal it” It was super strange, but I went to bed anyways confident Trump was ahead enough; even the NY times gave him a 70 percent chance. It looked like a natural landslide.
    I woke up the next day, and I asked my wife what Trumps lead was. She told me it sure looks like Bidens going to win.
    And the rest is history.
    This is where the election was stolen. It involves a mathematical theory called Benford’s Law. It simply states that it would be mathematically impossible for Biden to get so many votes in such a short time, let alone surpass Trump as well in that same timeframe.

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