Why Aren’t These ‘Vaccinated’ People Smiling Anymore?

The truth about all the lies and deception has been right in front of our faces all along.

Each of us see or hear from family, loved ones and friends more often than ever about a new diagnosis of cancer, shingles, Bell’s Palsy, Guillain Barre, and some I knew little about in 2020.

Our vocabulary has extended because of words like brain stem thrombosis, cardiac arrest, cardiac failure, cardiac ventricular thrombosis, cardiogenic shock, central nervous system vasculitis, herpes zoster reactivation, immune-mediated hepatitis, interstitial lung disease, jugular vein embolism, juvenile myoclonic epilepsy, liver injury, low birth weight, and too many more.

In the beginning I would ask if they had been “vaccinated.” I don’t ask anymore because the answer is always an inevitable yes.

Too many friends have died far too early. The statistics are proving this is not normal.

🔹Since the 2021 Covid “vaccination” rollout, disability filings in the United States has increased by over three million.

🔹It took court filings and some honest judges (when they could be found) to learn that instances of blood clots, cancer, and myocarditis skyrocketed.

🔹Now we are learning the horrifying effects of those vaccinated include experiencing massively more autoimmune diseases.

🔹Never-before-seen hepatitis is plaguing children. Diagnoses of Ramsey Hunt, Guillain Barre, and Bell’s Palsy have reached unprecedented levels. Overall death rates are up 44% in working-age people.

One dear friend who has suffered through escalating boughts of various and serious medical problems actually told me,” I can’t imagine what kind of shape I would be in if I had never taking these shots. I’m sure I’d be far worse.”

I begged him not to get them, but he keeps going back for more on the advice of his constant television news addiction.

By summer of 2022, those of us not glued to mainstream media propaganda knew the secret was out. The court-ordered Pfizer documents revealed concerning findings regarding coronavirus vaccines. Later we learned that during Big Pharma manufacturer’s clinical trials, physicians observed test subjects experienced an extreme over abundance of complications from the jabs.

Among the various inoculation-induced maladies facial paralysis affected 449 test volunteers. Nearly 50% did not recover despite receiving treatment.

Just one report alone showed an additional 501 participants developed neurological disorders.

Before the government started limiting and distorting the numbers, we learned that immunized individuals developing identical ailments were also revealed in the federal VAERS database:

🔹3,785 cases of Bell’s Palsy

🔹2,815 cases of facial paralysis

🔹506 cases of facial paresis

🔹11,332 cases of herpes zoster (shingles)

These cases that were documented only from January 1st 2021-June 10th 2022.

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  1. “I begged him not to get them, but he keeps going back for more on the advice of his constant television news addiction.”

    You got that right. Too many people have a personal relationship with their TV sets (idolatry). Rats always gravitate to rat poison. Idolatry is a killer.

    Ezekial 6:4: “And your altars shall be desolate, and your images shall be broken: and I will cast down your slain men before your idols.”

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  2. I got a mild case of shingles in May after a Jan vaccine. I asked my doctor if the covid vaccine lowered my resistance to it. She said possibly. My husband got sudden onset of psoriatic arthritis which I blame on the vaccine. He is still being treated for it. My sister got sudden onset of hay fever which does not run in our family. Too many weird illnesses last year.

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  3. I did not get the vaccination. I did get shingles 5 months ago. Stress. Constant stress for 8 months. I realize now that this world is nothing more than abuse. Life has become nothing more than a killing field in America. Meanwhile those who could ease suffering dont and those who can’t want to. Our world is up side down. I can only say I am running to the mountains to live out my life for this country has lost its ability to think let alone thrive or even live. Life is abuse in America and it will never end. NEVER>

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  4. This is so horrible, it renders me speechless, Jack. 😭 I can’t imagine not being able to smile. The ability to smile is the most basic foundation of social fulfillment. These elites who promote these vaccines are sick. Remember that they’re all about symbolism. And perhaps, this is the symbol of their desire to take away humanity’s reasons to smile. They want to take our happiness. This is just a thought.

    Again, these people are psychos and they must be stopped!

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    • Bonfire Night Hot Tent Wild Camp, Polish Lavvu tent with My Rescue Dog Carmen- Wiltshire Man

      Great guy, Great Show. The Dog is one of the Rescues that he has adopted. He took her with him, camping, and brought a Steak just for her, that he prepares, and one for himself.

      I assumed that he had the facial palsy from the vaccine, but he had Surgery to remove an Acoustic Neuroma, and they damaged his facial nerve. He does seem to be on the mend. It does show the effects that one may have with Bell’s Palsy.

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  5. One person dead from Leukemia, bad cough developed after the 1st shot. After the 2nd shot, Lower Back Pain, Significant Ascities (swollen abdomen), Weakness, Partial Paralysis of a Limb. Weeks in the hospital, was told it may be Lupus, Lyme, or West Nile. A terminal form of leukemia was diagnosed. This person had a port implanted, tried chemotherapy, then stopped it because the leukemia was terminal.

    The second person on my street had a stroke after the first shot, no physical impairment, but is unintelligible speaking. Had the 2nd shot and booster with no additional issues, but still cannot speak.

    The third person developed symptoms similar to the first case, weeks in the hospital, not sure of the outcome.

    A guy that cuts my grass, his father knows a couple. The wife of the couple dropped dead the same night she received the shot. The guy that cuts my grass also has 2 female cousins in different families that now have seizures after the vaccine.

    Former boss, after vaccination, he had Bell’s Palsy type symptoms, but he explained that he was having them all over his body, which is not Bell’s Palsy. He eventually had a stroke with physical and speech impairment.

    Safe and Effective, FDA, CDC? Really? It’s a pretty safe bet those that knew this shot is causing harm but approved it will be in hell for eternity. Yuck it up while you can, but when you naturally pass one day, get buried in an Asbestos Suit, you’re going to need it in the afterlife. In my humble, non-medical opinion, there’s nothing Safe and Effective about this vaccine. Just ask the people that I wrote about above.

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      • I often leave the Gender of the victim out, just to make it a little more ambiguous. But the person that died of leukemia was convinced that the vaccine was responsible. The irony is that their spouse, after having experienced the now deceased person’s views on the issue, and seen the suffering, told me that he/she is Double Vaccinated, Boosted, and anxiously was awaiting the omicron Booster, which most likely he/she has had by now. I simply cannot understand it.

        This is part of the recommendations from the CDC for Childhood Immunization against covid. Pfizer is the only one I included, but Moderna is listed as well. Because the active component in Moderna is more than twice as great as the analogous active component in Pfizer, the Pfizer Dosing, according to the CDC, is 3 Doses (ages 6 months to 4 years), the Moderna is 2.

        With myocarditis, pericarditis, and tumor growth occurring, it’s difficult for me to believe that these shots are safe and effective, and I suspect that illnesses developing months or years after vaccination may cause many deaths and likely will exceed the deaths that would have occurred, especially in Children, from covid itself.

        Thanks for the words of sympathy. I almost wonder if the vaccine doesn’t cause these people to be so stupid. The person that I know that had a Stroke after the 1st shot, went on to get the 2nd shot and the Booster, with no additional issues. Their doctor assured them the vaccine was not to blame for the stroke, but they simply cannot make that claim.


        Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine

        Children ages 6 months–4 years: A 3-dose primary series is recommended. The first and second doses are separated by 3–8 weeks and the second and third doses are separated by at least 8 weeks. Currently, a booster dose using any COVID-19 vaccine is not authorized for children in this age group.

        Children age 5 years: A 2-dose primary series and 1 bivalent Pfizer-BioNTech booster dose is recommended. The primary series doses are separated by 3–8 weeks and the bivalent booster dose is administered at least 2 months after completion of the primary series (for people who have not received any booster doses), or at least 2 months after the last monovalent booster dose. Currently, only the bivalent Pfizer-BioNTech booster dose is authorized for children age 5 years who receive a Pfizer-BioNTech primary series.

        Children ages 6–11 years: A 2-dose primary series and 1 bivalent mRNA booster dose (Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech) is recommended. The primary series doses are separated by 3-8 weeks and the bivalent mRNA booster dose is administered at least 2 months after completion of the primary series (for people who have not received any booster doses), or at least 2 months after the last monovalent booster dose.

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  6. Terrible. On our Twitter, Gab and other pages, we get so many similar stories from readers. Even some regular commenters who originally didn’t believe these vaxxes were dangerous have since seen the type of experiences you express. This is not coincidence.

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  7. Many people in the news media believe this is all BS, but what you have posted and what I have dealt with proves it is not. Within a week of my second shot, which my wife and I were forced to get in order to see our grandchildren, I developed neuropathy in both feet; now I live with that and take meds for it. We were duped.

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