Americans Killed by COVID Bioweapon Jabs Are Being Replaced Daily by Unvaccinated Illegal Aliens

The number of unvaccinated illegal aliens entering America’s southern border is catching up with the massive deaths of United States citizens from COVID jabs.

The Biden Administration Border Invasion is topping out at over 3 million illegal aliens annually as of 2022.

Even data from “official” sources, though not yet complete, looks to be close to over 3 million for the same time period.

If you know anyone in their 40s who has been double jabbed with the COVID bioweapon ‘vaccines,’ they are in the most dangerous profile of mortality rates as 2021-2022 data proves.

🔹This age group has a 264 percent more likely chance of dying than their counterparts who are unvaccinated.

🔹According to the data from insurance companies and researchers, there has been a 4800% increase in vax deaths for all ages since the Covid-19 jabs were rolled out on December 14, 2020.

One of the most historically accurate doctors and researchers of vaccines, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny reveals that Big Pharma companies keep changing their formulas for the COVID-19 bioweapon jabs as a shell game to cover for the dangerous severities in their products.

“What was injected in one person can have a changed recipe up to 49 percent different than another vial from a different batch,” she noted.

Whistleblowers from some Big Pharma companies indicate “unknown ingredients from China” has actually been included in millions of vials.

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During a December 2022 U.S. Senate hearing lead by Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson (R), more new data revealed:

🔹There has been a 2,876% increase in hospitalizations since the jabs began.

🔹2,050% increase in permanent disabilities.

🔹1,108% increase in life-threatening events.

🔹The CDC and FDA now refuse to acknowledge the data within the very pharmacovigilance systems that were setup to monitor vaccine injury and death in the American population.

🔹There was a 163 percent increase in death year over year as per Lincoln National, one of the top life insurance companies in the world.

To make matters worse for Big Pharma and the Biden Administration, an analysis by the Society for Actuaries (SOA) of 2.3 million death claims is horrendous.

Over 20 major life insurance firms between April 2020 and March 2022, determined that death numbers increased massively during that time period.

🔹OneAmerica life insurance company experienced a massive 40 percent increase in death claims among the 18-64 age group after Fauci bioweapon shots were introduced.

🔹SOA data revealed deaths in the 25-34 age bracket during the third quarter of 2021 were 78 percent above the expected level. For people aged 45-54, death figures were 80 percent above normal.

🔹For adults 55 to 64, excess mortality was determined to be 53 percent above baseline.

In addition:

🔹A Taiwan study concluded thst 29 percent of the children that were vaccinated had developed heart-related conditions.

🔹In Germany 64 percent of the vaccinated participants had pre-blood clot formations.

🔹An official report, called Deaths by Vaccination Status, proved that published by the United Kingdom government’s Office for National Statistics, every month since the start of 2022, the more vaccines someone gets, the more likely they are to die unexpectedly and suddenly by unknown causes, and much more likely than anyone who is fully unvaccinated.

🔹The triple-vaccinated adult populace is under triple-threat of SADS (sudden adult death syndrome), as well as the triple-vaccinated teen and child population, under triple threat also. 

Dr. Tenpenny reiterated that so far, graphene oxide is still present in the COVID jab vials even though its formula is repeatedly revised. 

COVID-19 Injections are a Slow Way to Kill off the Human Race. 

“They found a way to slow-kill people with this,” Dr. Tenpenny said in December 2022. “They want 3.5 billion people off the planet and they’ve learned how to do the slow-kill, so most unsuspecting people don’t connect the dots,” and anyone “should never, ever, ever take another shot of any kind ever again under any circumstance.”


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  1. 1. Mayorkas should be impeached. He probably will not be convicted but the trial will bring a lot of things out in the open.
    2. Civil suits should be brought against the persons and organizations facilitating the invasion. This must be done in red parts of red states where juries would be sympathetic.

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  2. Buffalo Bill’s player Hamlin almost died in tonight’s game after a hit. He is 24 years old and is a safety. I do not know if it was Vax related but I have never seen a player given CPR during a NFL game.

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  3. My comment from elsewhere, and the video it was about, this is exceptionally well done and worth the watch, I’ve detailed some highlights of what I heard:


    “”Paul, this is a Must Must Must watch. It dispels the Graphene and Parasite rumors, showed the rods were actually plates of cholesterol on edge, contaminants in a sample may be from the syringe, hypodermic needle, from the air, etc.

    It addresses good form in administration of vaccines, or Intramuscular Shots, that includes aspiration of the syringe plunger to be sure it’s not in a blood vessel, this was not done, so by getting into the blood, harm was possible. The FDA seems to have backed away from good form in using syringes at least several years ago.

    Echinocytes are seen, when blood mixed with vaccine, typically they said that this would be a sign of kidney issues, but it doesn’t signify that in this informal test.

    Clotting is a problem, spike proteins are a problem. Though covid causes spike proteins, why make the body make the harmful aspect of covid.

    They said it’s likely that inadequate control was used in the manufacturing process.””


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