What Does Runbeck Election Services Say About Donations to Leftist ActBlue Political Donations?

As of December 19, 2021, there has been no official response from the Democratic Party, Republican Party, or the controversial election ballot printing company, including their leaders, Kevin Runbeck or Jeff Ellington regarding new revelations regarding serious conflict of interest concerns in suspect election outcomes.

Runbeck Election Services describes themselves on their website as “an Arizona-grown, fully American-held, privately owned company.”

“Owner Kevin Runbeck was born and raised in Phoenix. Runbeck Election Services’ focus is elections. For this reason, Kevin made a personal decision and has not made campaign, PAC, or other political contributions, other than one donation to support the Arizona candidate for President in 2008 and a couple of donations to a print industry PAC (Political Action Committee) to support postal reform issues in 2019. Kevin no longer makes any political donations.

In regard to Brian Runbeck being a donor to ActBlue, the leftist Democrat site for political contributions, the company’s website offered that, “Brian Runbeck is Kevin Runbeck’s brother. He has no ownership stake in Runbeck Election Services nor any ownership of any Runbeck products.”


“In 2020, Brian donated $1,050 to specific campaigns through Act Blue. He made a total of 28 donations that varied in value from $12.50 to $100.”

“For 25 of these, he also contributed 10% of the donation to cover the credit card transaction fee. These tips varied in range from $2.50 to $10.00 for a total of $103. All 25 tips are considered a separate donation, as the FEC makes no distinction between the two. The FEC logs a donation twice if it is earmarked for a specific campaign; once when donated to ActBlue, and once again when transferred to the specific candidate’s campaign.”

“Ultimately, Brian gave 53 donations ($1,050 + $103 in admin fees) for a total contribution amount of $1,153.00.”

“Runbeck believes that political contributions are a matter of free speech protected under the First Amendment and believes that its employees should be allowed to exercise this right.”

Significant issues have come to light since their website statements shown above.


There in no explanation of why Runbeck’s president and chief operating officer, Jeff Ellington has worrisome ties with Deep State Arizona operatives.

In Dec. 2019, Runbeck, suddenly purchased over $14 millions worth of 11 ballot printers. This was before Americans ever heard of COVID. Jeff Ellington explains the operation.

In just 10 years, Ellington was hired as Vice President of “Vote by Mail” and became the President/CEO in January 2021, after the controversial 2020 Presidential Election.

Ellington is on the Board of Directors of a corporation with Arizona’s RINO House Speaker-elect Ben Toma’s family.

The Toma family founded Black Mountain Investment Company. Mihai Toma and Andrei Toma sit on the Precision Aero Board of Directors as President and Secretary with Precision Aero Chairman Jeff Ellington, who is also President and COO of Runbeck. Mihai Toma and Andrei Toma are the brothers of Ben Toma.


Among the Runbeck’s, family members Craig, Robyn and Erin Runbeck are also listed as donors to such liberal political organizations as Stop Republicans, Biden For President, DSCC, and ActBlue. This was not mentioned on the Runbeck website.


I have received various feedback and messages from Arizona and across the U.S. about Runbeck, Arizona and Georgia Deep State operatives. Here are a few interesting messages:

Jim Suver
From the Maricopa Audit of 2020 Elections


Kari Lake’s election challenge has a whistleblower from Runbeck, the company that prints, distributes, and has a role in tallying AZ’s votes, saying approximately 300,000 ballots were illegally inserted into the tally.


Repeated explanations by supervisors during the Maricopa County Election Center in November 2020 and later in 2022, was that Runbeck was involved in counting votes after the presidential election.

“Runbeck has high speed scanners,” one sworn witness testified in 2020. She was told the ballots were scanned offsite by Runbeck Election Services and then delivered to the Maricopa County Election Center.

When Rudy Giuliani and Arizona state legislatures held public hearings regarding the Maricopa County election fraud of November 2020, among the most compelling sworn testimonies came from elections witness Jan Bryant.

Jan Bryant

Her testimony coincided with others and may explain Arizona audit director Ken Bennett’s later revelation that Dominion Voting Systems had refused to comply with a subpoena to turn over passwords to its Maricopa County voting machines.

During the hearing on November 30, 2020, Bryant testified under oath that not even county IT staff were allowed access to the machines.

Ms. Bryant witnessed Dominion employees with a laptop computer in the counting room during the six days she worked at the Maricopa County Election Center.

During questioning by Republican state Rep. Mark Finchem, Bryant said there were daily election ballot deliveries to the center by Runbeck Election Services. According to witness testimony, these deliveries happened from Nov. 3 to at least Nov. 10.

Kevin Runbeck

Repeated explanations by supervisors at that time was that “Runbeck has high speed scanners,” Bryant said. She was told the ballots were scanned offsite by Runbeck Election Services and then delivered to the Maricopa County Election Center.

Transcript Quotes from Bryant’s testimony:

Jan Bryant: …ten days before they quit tabulating they thought they were done. And then more truck loads of ballots would come in. And I’m like, how can you not know how many ballots are still out there.

State House Rep. David L. Cook: Mr. Chairman I’m sorry. WOULD YOU REPEAT THAT. They thought they were done, and then there was WHAT?

Jan Bryant: They thought they were done multiple times. Multiple times the people that were running the rooms thought they were done (counting ballots), or almost done. Or were gonna be done Wednesday morning (Nov. 4th), then Thursday morning (Nov. 5th), then Friday morning. Then it went on the whole next week. And I’m like, I asked the question, You don’t know how many ballots are still left to come in? I don’t know who does, again…process…project management, but zero.

State House Rep. Mark Finchem: On that point Ma’am, I’m tracking with you but, what day did the truck show up?

Jan Bryant: Every day, yeah, every day.

Mark Finchem: OK. Just a minute. I want to make sure we capture this properly. So there were trucks that showed up on the 3rd, and then the 4th, and then the 5th, and how long did that go on. How many days?

Jan Bryant: I wasn’t there the whole last week. My last day was the 10th and they were still coming in. They were coming from a company called Runbeck, that does the high speed scanning and printing of duplications, and I think the military ballots. And now I’m getting out of my comfort level here talking about this. I don’t know what they are doing but those ballots are coming in from a high speed scanning company called Runbeck that…. apparently you haven’t heard of Runbeck.

Mark Finchem: No, I’ve heard of Runbeck Ma’am. What I’m trying to figure out is whether they printed them or if they scanned them. And if they scanned them offsite, to what purpose?

Jan Bryant: I can’t tell you.

Mark Finchem: Wasn’t that your job to scan them? I mean, not your job, but the (MCTEC).

Jan Bryant: No, all the high speed scanning happens at Runbeck. So, those ballots go to Runbeck. As far as I know there were no observers there. I don’t know. I never got called to work at Runbeck. That’s all I can tell you.

Mark Finchem: No that’s fine. Your observation is useful here. What you telling me is the scanning wasn’t actually done on site at a Maricopa County structure. It was done someplace else.


Jan Bryant: Where they have very high speed scanners.

Mark Finchem: Right now I really don’t care what the speed is. I want to know were they Dominion scanners?

Jan Bryant: No, no, I don’t think it has anything to do with Dominion.

Mark Finchem: I’m trying to understand what was the purpose of scanning them in advance of them being tabulated on the Dominion equipment.

Jan Bryant: They were duplicate, duplications. The ballots that wouldn’t read through the tabulation machines. They were ballots that came in from Military and overseas. But there were more ballots than that. So I don’t know where the rest of them were coming from. Because they kept bringing trays of them in. So I don’t know where they were coming from. That’s a question for the county employees to explain to you, where those ballots came from that whole next week. I don’t know where they came from.

Rudy Giuliani: So you were there from Nov. 3rd through the 10th. Seven days later (after election) ballots were still coming in.

Jan Bryant: Yes.

Rudy Giuliani: Were those ballots counted?

Jan Bryant: I watched them go through the tabulation machines. And I watched people working on the adjudication of those ballots.

Rudy Giuliani: And how many ballots…

Jan Bryant: Oh, I don’t know.

Rudy Giuliani: What was the largest number you saw in one day. Just a guess. How many cartons?

Jan Bryant: …there was usually 2 or 3 shifts. I wanna say one day they thought 90,000 was a good number, for a shift. And if they were running multiple shifts a day. It was somewhere between the 3rd and the 10th.

Popular memes

State House Rep. Bret Roberts: I am assuming these were not early ballots in any way shape or form. I’m just kind of curious, did anything stand out to you as far as these new ballots, didn’t know where they were coming from, as far as a physical appearance in any way?

Jan Bryant: No. Everything… they just looked like ballots. Just kept coming. They all came in the same bins.



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  1. Please talk to Jovan Hutton Pulitzer who did the forensic audit in 2020 on the ballots using Kinematic Artifact Detection. He can supply you with a tremendous amount of information on the 2020 Maricopa election that you have not yet covered. You will be shocked.

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  2. George Soros has been trying desperately to get his hands on Arizona and finally got his wish through a dirty, corrupt, dishonest Katie Hobbs, an even dirtier, corrupt, and dishonest Adrian Fontes, RINO Gov. Doug Ducey, and a bunch of RINO GOP who sold out to the Democrats. People caught on to the ballots that magically appear, and now we have the malfunctioning machines excuse. The people of Arizona still have not received an adequate explanation for what happened on Election Day from Sec. of State Katie Hobbs or anybody else. As Governor, Hobbs will drag AZ into the same pit as CA. Texas could be next. Evil NEVER sleeps, NEVER dies, and NEVER goes away.

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