Were These Eerie ‘Signs’ Prior To Sept. 11, 2001 Symbols to Prepare Us For Things to Come?

Before the World Trade Center Twin Towers were attacked on September 11, 2001, there were strange coincidences, predictions or eerie pre-echoes of the disaster.

In the Simpsons episode New York City Against Homer, Lisa holds up a magazine with the word New York accompanied by a number nine against a silhouette of the World Trade Centre – which looks just like the number 11.

Each graphic below was created and released years before 2001.

According to the New York chief medical examiner five years after the 2001 attacks, 2,749 victims died in the World Trade Center twin towers.

Fewer than 300 whole bodies were recovered.  Nearly 20,000 pieces of bodies were found in the ruins, more than 6,000 small enough to fit in 5 inch test tubes.  200 different pieces were matched to a single person. 

1,630 people were eventually identified, 800 of which by DNA alone.  This means that, for 800 victims there were no body parts large enough to be recognizable. 

The remaining 1,119 victims were never identified (41%)  This means that for more than 40% of the victims not even a fragment large enough to recover DNA was found. 

If a simple gravitational collapse is what occurred, what happened to 41% of the victims and how could the people that were found be scattered so far away and each body so completely disbursed?

The Fresh Kills Landfill in Staten Island New York, opened in 1947, was temporarily used as a sorting ground for roughly one third of the rubble or about 2 million tons of material from Ground Zero.

More than 1,600 personal effects were retrieved at this location.  Thousands of detectives and forensic evidence specialists worked for over 1.7 million man hours at Fresh Kills Landfill to try to recover remnants of the people killed in the attacks.

Every steel beam and girder in each of the three buildings had been nicely sectioned into lengths that were then easily transported before forensic examinations could be done. Many of the chunks of steel columns in the debris pile had been twisted, melted, thinned and eroded, proving that extremely high temperature had been generated by the incendiary devices – and not by low temperature office fires.

It is notable that 15 months prior to the attacks, a PC game called  “Deus Ex”, show the two towers missing from the New York skyline.  While the leaders of America, following 9/11, said they couldn’t envision terrorist bringing down prominent buildings, the game explains that the missing towers are the result of a terrorist attack. Coincidence?

Burning jet fuel, it should be noted, cannot even come close to achieving temperatures high enough or long enough to even warm up steel beams, much less soften them or sever them instantaneously.

The steel column debris was quickly sold and shipped (mostly) to China, to be melted down as scrap metal despite the fact that shipping the material away from a crime scene is a federal crime.

“Every skyscraper in the history of the world that has collapsed straight down into its own footprint has been brought down by pre-planted incendiary devices,” noted engineers who have tried to debunk the government narrative. “No exceptions, especially in the case of 9/11!”

For 6 years,Tania Head, who rose to mini-star status as a well known 9/11 survivor, faked being in the South Tower during the attacks and served as President of The WTC Survivors Network before people finally discovered that she lied about her entire story. Turns out she wasn’t even in the United States during the attacks. 


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  1. Good research. The WTC was iconic and must have been used in lots of ads and movies etc. Plus there was an attempt to bomb them earlier when Clinton was president only it took place below in the garage area. Clinton never sought retaliation. Then there was the USS Cole bombing by same group and we did nothing when we had the chance. My former neighbors lost their oldest son in the second tower while they were on the phone. Authorities told them to stay in place and not leave the building. Instead, he should have been running for his life. Typical.

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    I have several links saved from a previous computer, to issues on 911, and they magically have all been removed from YouTube. In light of the recent Twitter revelations, it appears that FaceBook, YouTube, and others, may, in fact, being paid, or directly influenced by U.S. Govt officials or previous officials to remove content that is not supportive of the “Official Narrative”.
    The Link I was looking for was a Documentary, this is the closest I could come. Notice YouTube has provided a “context statement”. The video discusses a Cab Driver that had a Lightpole Knocked through his Windshield by the Plane, but for one thing, where he said he was, and where he was, are 2 different things. He said he was in the Pentagon Parking Lot (if memory serves), but he was, apparently, Trapped on a Overpass when he claimed he was in the parking Lot, and the journalists had photographic evidence where he really was. Index to 13:40 and hear what the Cab Driver said when he didn’t think he was being recorded. Watch the entire video, police closer to the end have some astonishing statements. Well done, it’s older and probably recorded over and over again, but the content is very revealing.
    9/11 Pentagon Attack: The Cab Driver and the Light Pole
    An Interesting Page is also about the Penta-Lawn, though done in a facetious way, it makes very good points.
    Introducing the amazing new Penta-Lawn 2000!
    Twitter has shown us why and how we are being shielded from the truth. It’s a conspiracy of Big Govt that is antithetical to the Constitution.


  3. In my travels, I remember a conversation that occurred in December of 2001. The man said that his friends in the fire and police departments of NYC told him that they barely discovered and disarmed explosives set to destroy the Empire State building in September of 2001. I do not know him and whether what he said was true but I have always remembered it.

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    • I’ve heard similar stories, but have not been able to prove. One was from a brother of a now retired NYFD member. When I asked if I could interview his brother, he said wished to keep it private out of respect.


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