Will US Postal Service Workers Cheat on the Next Election Too?

The crimes are occurring in 2022 also. It began publically in early August 2020 just three months prior to the most corrupt election in American history.

At that point federal election data revealed that since 2012, about 28.4 million mail-in ballots have gone missing in each of the previous four election cycles.

Even Pew Research Center analysis found there were potentially 24 million ineligible or inaccurate voter registrations on state voter rolls by 2020.

2020 headline


The United States Postal Service union had already distributed their election propaganda to motivate their membership to support the Democrats and Biden-Harris campaign. Now it was time to release a narrative for mainstream media. New York Senator Charles Schumer dutifully went before news cameras in Rochester, NY to warn of big cuts to the postal service from President Donald J. Trump if the federal government doesn’t step in to help them out.

Key in Big Media who multiplied the chanted reporting: “The senator believes proposed cuts could also have implications for the upcoming presidential election.”

“We believe it’s an honest effort on the part of the administration to discredit the postal service, to drive a wedge between the American public and the postal service,” said president of Branch 210 of the National Association of Letter Carriers Ken Montgomery standing next to Schumer. “So that they don’t have confidence in our ability to send in your vote.”

“President Trump has said he doesn’t like vote by mail,” said Schumer. “But in COVID, we’re all going to have to vote by mail and every vote should count.”

The postal service issued this response from the postmaster general:

“Let me be clear that with regard to election mail, the postal service and I are fully committed to fulfilling our role in the electoral process. If public policy makers choose to utilize the mail as a part of their election system, we will do everything we can to deliver election mail in a timely manner consistent with our operational standards.” 

Although media attempted to disregard or under report problems with the USPS and elections, cheating was occurring.

A 47-year-old postal worker in West Virginia was charged with a cheat-by-mail crime after he altered ballots with a black pen. The postal worker tried to play off his ballot manipulation as some bizarre prank, but the state’s attorney general took the cheating seriously.

“Manipulating one’s absentee ballot or application is not a laughing matter — it’s a federal offense,” West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey said. “We must protect the integrity of the ballot box, and this demonstrates the aggressive action we will take to do so.”

In 2016, Project Veritas ran an investigative sting on Democrat operatives conspiring to incite violence at Trump Campaign rallies and get illegal immigrants to vote.

In 2019 Gordon, Alabama Mayor Elbert Melton was removed from office and sentenced to a three-year, split sentence for falsifying absentee mail-in ballots.

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