What Really Happened at the 2017 Mandalay Bay Shooting in Las Vegas?

Who was Rich Higgins and why should we pay attention to his name?

What the government and media handlers deem “conspiracy” is now being exposed as far from being “theory” regarding the October 1, 2017 massive shootings near the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

🔹George Soros’ Soros Fund Management “shorted,” or bet against the stock price of Mandalay Bay’s MGM shortly prior to the shooting. MGM owns the Mandalay Bay shooting site.

🔹MGM Grand CEO James Murren quietly dumped a lot of his personal MGM stock prior to the shooting.

🔹At the time of the shooting, the top five floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel housed the Four Seasons Las Vegas.

🔹Bill Gates (through Cascade Investment) and Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal owned the Four Seasons Las Vegas.

🔹Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal was arrested by the Saudis for corruption a month after the shooting on November 4.

🔹There was a prior shooting at an airport involving the likely assassination attempt on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

🔹Bin Salman was likely staying (not totally confirmed yet) at the Mandalay Bay hotel and was forced to flee the premises in disguise. 

Rich Higgins, who served in the National Security Council strategic planning office in 2017, was fired for being too pro-Trump by Deep State members within government.

As so many other patriots, Higgins was quickly labeled as a “conspiracy theorist” by Deep State connected news agencies. We now know he has been fully vindicated. 


In at least a 50-page report prepared for Higgins soon after he left NSC, evidence shows shocking information about the mass shooting.

Entitled “All Source Assessment: Attack on the Route 91 Country Music Festival October 1, 2017 Mandalay Bay Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada,” the report offers these astonishing clues to what actually occurred:

🔹The alleged shooter, Stephen Paddock, did not commit suicide as reported by officials and corporate media.

🔹He was executed, likely by ISIS and ANTIFA operatives. The FBI knew this would occur beforehand.


🔹The ANTIFA group claimed responsibility for the shooting including the notice: “One of our comrades from our Las Vegas branch has made these fascist Trump supporting dogs pay.”

What happened to Higgins?

His friend, Mike Daugherty, announced on Facebook: “Rest In Peace Rich Higgins. You are a hero. He passed this morning at 3 am. (February 22, 2022) This guy was all guts for no glory. He was amazing… Had so much surgery. Fought to survive in ICU for months on end…Crushing loss of an unsung hero that history will elevate. He told them all way early about the inside knives in the White House….so the insider mob fired him. What a tragic loss. Pray for his wife and small kids.”

Quotes from the report:

🔹“Stephen Paddock may have anticipated the arrival of a fly in team of additional shooters that would assist in the operational execution.”

🔹An Australian man, Brian A. Hodge is a “person of interest” with “possible ties to Islamic organizations and a possible Islamic State (IS) linkage.”

Hodge California drivers license

🔹“Mr. Hodges’ personal profile is more befitting of a left wing or Anti-Fascist Action (ANTIFA) affiliate, but recent intelligence reports point to an increased level of collaboration between groups like Antifa and Islamic State.”

🔹“The FBI was closely monitoring Antifa operative engagements with Islamic State and Al Qaeda (Arabian Peninsula and Islamic Maghreb) personnel in Germany…the FBI has discovered a “level of chatter” between left wing revolutionary groups and Islamic terrorist groups.”

🔹“The report fuses open source information with tactical counter terrorism analysis, cyber intelligence, and digital data mining capabilities.”

🔹“Mr. Hodge traveled to Berlin, Paris, London, and back to Berlin approximately 2 weeks prior to the attack in Las Vegas.”

🔹“Further data mining of Mr. Hodge’s activity on the night of the attack reveals that while he was originally located at the Mandalay Bay and the surrounding Enterprise area, (he) departed downtown Las Vegas while publicly claiming to have been hiding in the bushes outside the Mandalay Bay. Mr. Hodge’s signatures reveal that he is located approximately 10 miles north of the Mandalay Bay hotel…”

🔹“How did Mr. Hodge know, only 3 hours after the attack, in advance of the public and most officials, that a security guard had been killed (actually shot and wounded) on the 32nd floor?”

Security cameras showed 32nd floor hallway

🔹“Intelligence methods reveal that during the frenzy Hodge stayed at Knotty Pine Motel in north Las Vegas in Room Number 17, a room that was associated with a man named German Torres Moreno, a Mexican national from the city of Penjamo, Mexico, in Guanajuato, Mexico, an area that is rife with ISIS recruiting.”

🔹The report indicates that ISIS claimed some responsibility for the shooting operation and referred to Stephen Paddock as one of their operatives.

🔹Paddock was living at the Mandalay Bay with a woman from Australia named Marilou Danley.

🔹Danley was in the Philipines when the shooting occurred.

🔹Intelligence showed at least one ISIS communication network indicated Paddock had converted to Islam and ISIS granted him the Muslim name Abu Abdul Barr al-Amriki, as Newsweek reported.

🔹Al-Naba, the ISIS magazine reported “A soldier of the caliphate attacked a gathering of 22,000 Americans at a concert in the city of Las Vegas, resulting in nearly 60 killed and 600 injured…Brother Abu Abdul Barr stationed himself in a room on the 32nd floor of a hotel overlooking the concert and opened fire continuously on the crowds using 23 firearms and more than 2,000 bullets and died, may God accept him, after running out of ammunition.”

From Higgins report.
FBI and Vegas Police quickly leaked select videos to New York Times in efforts to support their lone man gunner theory.
Paddock at Mandalay Bay

According to the Higgins Report: “Immediately following the attack, during the morning of October 2, Mr. Hodge appears in numerous Australian media reports including print, radio and television. Notably, he does not share the links to these radio and television interviews on any of his own social media outlets. This is highly suspicious behavior. Later in the day on October 2, Mr. Hodge departed Las Vegas and arrived in Albuquerque, New Mexico. While in New Mexico, Mr. Hodge appears to travel to the Anatolia Doner Kebab House…This restaurant address is affiliated with numerous other businesses in the Albuquerque area and is owned by a Mr. Mehmet Kokangul and Umit Kokangul. Mr. Mehmet Kokangul appears to be a Turkish National from Adana Turkey, a known center of Islamic State activity in Turkey.”

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  1. My earlier gun collection was of the Semi-Automatic Rifle variety.

    I have blogged on it.

    My Guns Over 40 Years of Shooting

    I am including the link to my blog because I want to establish knowledge. I have never owned Bump Stock Triggers, an Auto-Sear, or other such modifications. Mine were legally purchased, unmodified, legally owned, semi-automatics.

    At the time of the Las Vegas shooting, I had moved into a Fixer-Upper with my wife. One of the contractors we used was in the Military Reserves, he worked as an Armorer. He told me the bump stock nature of the gun shots he heard from News Shows from Las Vegas indicated a Bump Stock use, citing a variable rate of fire. He wasn’t just a speculator of Bump Stock Use, he was an owner of an AR-15 Equipped with a Bump Stock.

    But he was a busy, meticulous, man. Though he knew Guns, he didn’t know details, until I elucidated some details to him.

    The Shooter, purportedly, had 100 round magazines (or similar, very high capacity, I don’t remember the exact number, it may have been 60 round magazines, but I correctly reported their capacity to him at the time), used a Tripod, and Fired Down at a steep angle.

    Of my Contractor that is a Military Reserves Armorer:

    #1. He said high capacity magazines would prevent the bump stock from working, since a bump stock, when the gun is held loosely, permits the rifle to jump in such a way as to permit the user’s finger to again press the unmodified trigger and continue firing rounds. The additional weight changes everything, he said switching from nylon to aluminum magazines requires practice to make the bump stock work, and adding a high capacity would almost assuredly stop it from working at all.

    #2. He said Bump Stocks will not work with a Tripod, as the gun doesn’t recoil properly to permit the trigger to be repetitively fired by the finger repeatedly contacting it. He did say special Tripods for Bump Stock Equipped Guns existed.

    #3. He said the steep downward angle shifts the gun’s weight forward, preventing the Bump Stock’s use.

    Three Strikes and the govt’s narrative is defeated. By a Military Armorer that owns, and uses, a Bump Stock.

    My contribution is the number of rounds fired. The media stated that echoes confused the situation and added to the number of shots perceived. Though I too noticed the variable rate of fire (this can be accomplished by an electro-mechanical trigger mechanism controlled for that effect by a circuit) but I noticed some of the purported echoes did not correspond to the firing rate or characteristics of the alleged shooter, leading me to believe that more guns were in use than just the alleged shooter’s gun.

    Anymore, it’s easier to Find Waldo on a crowded street in India during a festive holiday than it is to trust the Government.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Quoting is fine. Most of the input came from the Contractor, but my wife and I were impressed by his care in his trade, thoroughness, and I have no reason to doubt the same applies to his Armorer Position in the Military. Discovering that he owned a Bump Stock Equipped Rifle increased my trust in his knowledge. There are, or were, devices marketed to attach to the trigger directly to provide the Fully Automatic Fire effect (I’ve never considered owning any device to do this), therefore, I’d have no doubt that a Device, Controlled by an Electric Motor (small) and regulated by an Electronic Circuit, could provide the illusion of a varying rate of fire purportedly characteristic of Bump Stock Equipped Firearms.


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