Americans Are Finally Standing Up to Political Hypocrisy & Control

This is no joke. An actual release by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to get the COVID-19 vaccine for your hurricane preparedness.

If you are being forced to do something you don’t want to do, simply don’t comply. Over 100 million strong Americans are not getting the vaccines.

“I will leave my job when they fire me,” said San Francisco firefighter Mark S. “Then, like so many of us, we will sue the hell out of them. We are not taking it.”

It is not just in the United States that people are refusing to give away their freedoms. Across the globe people are refusing to comply.

From August 1-August 23, there were over 3,300 large scale protests against government Chinese Virus mandates around the world. None compliance is growing.

Don’t comply. Speak up. Turn off mainstream media.



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11 thoughts on “Americans Are Finally Standing Up to Political Hypocrisy & Control

  1. I refuse to wear a mask at work any longer. It is going to cost me my job. We have got to stand up now! Is it too late? I hope not. I owe everything to the freedom this country has given me. We will not go down without a fight.

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  2. It is a movement. It started off with one waking people up to “ fake media” and slight of hand alphabet government. (Trump). With his strength snd courage the movement is growing exponentially.

    Here is example… main stream media won’t report the truth so new “ people’s “ media is emerging.

    This story is on the fake vaccine approval.

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  3. Here is another example how the “ people’s “ media is changing the land scape. But it relies on the people to share as their mouth piece is still small but growing

    “If you need any further proof that the mainstream media is absolute trash, may I introduce you to Susan Dominus from the New York Times Magazine. Earlier this week, Susan delivered a glowing, sympathetic framing of one of the November 2020 election’s most notorious villains: Eric Coomer.”

    How many people read New York Times article vs Ashe In America correctional retort?

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  4. My sincerest belief is that there is no other country like the USA. We were born from those fleeing tyranny and chose living in a wild, hostile environment rather than continuing to wallow within the constrictions of the “Old World”. We remain a bit wild.

    The current Regime with its titular leader, The Poseur, really have no sense of what America is about.

    They have no idea what it is for farmers to wake up at 3:30 A.M. to begin their day, toiling the earth and tending their animals.

    They have no idea of how most small business owners would jump for joy if they could make anything close to minimum wage within 2 years of investing everything they have and countless hours in starting their own shops and businesses.

    They cannot comprehend how generation after generation of immigrants, most not speaking English and looking “different”, can and do succeed without much government intervention.

    Nor does this Regime and its Enablers care about multi-generations of our citizens being doomed to live in government ghettos because they had the misfortune to believe in Liberal Government policies.

    No, this Regime and those before it, have pushed too far. They have shown as much credibility as those Nigerian Princes that contact you about that long-lost uncle you never had leaving you a fortune…if only you’ll suspend your reasoning and play along.

    To paraphrase that Country Music line…”They can take their Jabs and BS and shove it”!

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  5. My work just told us we had to wear masks again. I don’t argue, and I don’t do it. Of course I am usually out in the field, and my clients feel the same way, but when I’m in the office, I don’t put one on then, and as yet no one has said boo. There are mentions they may “require” a vaccine; if they do, I’ll try for a religious exemption or quit. Live Free Or Die. Good to see how many are standing up to “Just Say No.” Thanks for the article!

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      1. Wasn’t there a listing of categories that allow for waiver? And stipulating one would take another cure if needed? I thought I recall one of the categories including vaping or smoking.

        Look for exemption list and take up cigars

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