Herd It Through the Grapevine: What Are Those Things?

Microwaves and Pot Handles

Holes In Pot Handle

Unless you’re a professional cook, you may be confused as to why most pots and pans have a hole at the end of the handle.

You may not have even noticed that the hole is there. There are actually two good reasons why pots and pans have this hole.

First, it makes it easy to hang them up on hooks when they’re drying or not in use. This is often seen in professional kitchens or house that have a lot of space.

Another trick that experienced chefs like to use is using that hole to hold a utensil.

For example, if you have a stirring spoon, you don’t just want to leave it in the pot or set it on the counter. But with the hole at the end of the handle, you can slide the utensil in there so it just sits up and drips back into the pot.

Try it out next time you want to impress people with your cooking skills.

Black Grating In Microwave

Let’s be honest, how many people have ever taken a close up look at their microwave?

Probably not too many of us. If you have, you may have noticed the black grating on the microwave door.

This is called a Faraday shield, and it’s not an aesthetic choice, it’s super important.

The Faraday shield is in place to prevent electromagnetic fields from leaving the microwave and causing harm to people who are waiting for their food to heat up.

Without it, not only would your safety be at risk, but the microwave wouldn’t be effective in cooking your food.

So, next time you complain about not being able to see inside the microwave, remember that there’s an important reason why that’s the case.


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