10 Lessons Stupid, Uninformed, Indoctrinated or Dishonest People Don’t Know

1. Election Fraud is a crime.

2. Paying taxes to a government where elected officials are representing foreign countries instead of Americans is taxation without representation.

3. Hydroxychloroquine worked the whole time.

4. You can fake votes but you can’t fake support.


5. Big Pharma is making a killing.

6. There is no statute of limitations on the Nuremberg Trial.

7. In July 2021 more people died from the vaccines than from COVID.

8. In America there is a 99.7% chance of NOT dying from COVID if you even get it.

9. Biden didn’t win. He cheated.

10. Trump won.


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  1. I looked into the Nuremberg trial to find out how it works. I saw someone had filed a complaint about President Trump committing genocide with the covid response. The message had a response stating the United States did not sign into any of the agreements that would allow anyone from the US to be tried by a trial on an international forum. That is from memory. I found it interesting.

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