Herd It Through the Grapevine: Door Knobs & Lettuce

Tips, Hints, Trivia & Tidbits by Dodie Dennis

Dodie’s Herd it ‘Through the Grapevine’ #3

Placing A Rubber Band Around Both Door Knobs

Does any besides us have rubber bands in their junk drawer? Well, now you’ll actually have a use for them besides holding things together.

If you have young kids or ever did, then you know nothing is worse than waking them up by accident when they are sleeping. And one of the most common ways to wake them is by going into their room to check on them only to have the sound of the door opening wake them up.

To stop the loud noise the lock makes is very easy. Take a rubber band, wrap it around each doorknob, and over the lock/latch. This allows you to open and close the door without ANY noise, letting your sleeping baby stay asleep.

Wrapping a rubber band around the door is also a good way to stop a toddler/child from locking a door on purpose or accident.

Brass Doorknobs

No one really expected us to pay too much attention to door handles, but since “pandemic” year 2020, perhaps you’ve noticed that practically all doorknobs are made of brass. This is no accident.

Surfaces made of brass are more resistant to bacteria building up, helping to make doorknobs free of germs. Obviously, this is important since people will pick up germs on their hands in countless different ways and then touch doorknobs that are then touched by countless other people. But because we use brass doorknobs, germs don’t have a free for all.

Joanie’s Celery Tip

Joanie Flores Peterson and I went to McCollum High School in San Antonio, so it was wonderful to get her celery tip:

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