Herd it Through the Grapevine #2: Toothpaste Tube Trivia, Keyboard Bumps, Garbage Deodorizer & More

Tips, Hints, Tidbits by Dodie Dennis

Thank you for reading my new cyber column on Cleverjourneys. I was excited to see so many views and especially appreciated the positive comments. Here is Herd it Through the Grapevine #2:

Colored Squares On Toothpaste

Ever take a close look at a tube of toothpaste and noticed a colored block toward the bottom? Most of the time it’s blue, red, green, or black.

It’s not an aesthetic choice by the toothpaste manufacturer, nor is it a hidden signal about the chemicals used to make the toothpaste. Those are two or the more popular explanations. However, these colored blocks on the tube are actually called “eye marks.”

They tell the machines on the assembly line where to cut and fold the packaging. Without it, tubes of toothpaste would be attached to one another, making it awfully difficult to apply any to your toothbrush. If you’re worried about any toxic chemicals being in your toothpaste, the colored block tells you nothing, just read the ingredients on the back.

Keyboard Bumps

If you look at a computer keyboard, any keyboard, you’ll notice two little bumps on both the F and J keys.

If you ever took a class in high school on how to type, you probably know why those bumps exist on those keys. For the rest of you, those bumps are there so users can find their way on the keyboard while keeping their eyes on the screen.

If you are typing with two hands the proper way, your hands will be set up so that your left pointer finger is on F and your right pointer finger is on J. Without having to look at the keyboard, you just have to feel these bumps with your fingers to know that your hands are aligned properly and ready to get to work.

Use Bread Soaked In Vinegar As A Deodorizer

We have all dealt with this problem, I’m sure. You go to throw out some garbage and as soon as you lift the lid you are hit with a wall of terrible smells. Disgusting!

Then you try and clean it with sprays you bought from the supermarket, but those don’t really help. Now your garbage will smell like chemicals and rotting food.

Fortunately, there’s a better solution and you likely have the items in your house already. All you need to do is take a piece of bread (stale one is even better) and soak it in some plain old distilled vinegar.

Throw it in the bottom of any garbage can overnight, then in the morning toss it away. All the nasty smells will be gone!

Dealing With Cooking Aromas

Lingering aromas from a home-cooked meal don’t bother everyone, but some people can’t stand them! To quickly eliminate food smells from your kitchen, place a chunk of orange peel in a warm oven or on top of a warm stove. The heat will activate the oils in the orange peel for an instant citrus “air freshener!”

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