Election Integrity Alliance Announced by Jenna Ellis, Texas AG Ken Paxton and More

Trump Titles 2020 Election ‘The Big Lie”

“The Election Integrity Alliance will unite groups and efforts across the nation focused on combating election fraud and will build solutions and provide resources to state legislators and the public on challenges to free and fair elections,” announced Jenna Ellis, attorney and former counsel to President Donald J. Trump.

“The Election Integrity Alliance will be a centralized hub that gives tools to enact meaningful change for the American people,” Ellis explained.

Ellis is the chair of the Alliance’s national board, while Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and former Trump administration adviser Peter Navarro will both be honorary co-chairmen, according to a press release. Former New York police commissioner Bernie Kerik will be among the board’s members.

“Election integrity is a hallmark of freedom and should be a non-partisan, wholly American value,” Ellis said. “The Election Integrity Alliance’s mission is to support Congress, the state legislatures, and the voters and together, continue building a more perfect Union,” she said.


  1. I’m an independent, who does not feel comfortable becoming a republican, politically. Both parties become rotten, at the top. They stop serving, and look for us, to serve them. I suggest, if patriots can become this party; that after patriots are in control; we change the name. I do believe, names of the two parties, have been changed, in history. We need to do, what the american marxists have done. We need to call for liberals that believe in the constitution, and the bill of rights, to join the party of patriots. We can and have, disagreed in the past, without trashing our common values. Changing the name of the party, breaks it off from what it became. I understand, why we need to take over, this party; as the marxists have the democratic party. But we need to stop, lumping liberals, with marxists. We need to differentiate, one of two parties, as the party of patriots. This can unite, independents, liberals, and conservatives. Lets leave both democrats, and republicans behind. The issue now, is patriots, vs marxists. Let the rhinos, become, the minority parties. The quiet majority, is larger than, the marxist movement. Immigrants, only come here, because it offers them, more freedom than other countries. I am not going to use, social media, beyond email. I have already paid, for a flaming email, in the past. what is happening, is uncontrolled emotions. I have, no trust, in republicans, or democrats. The higher they rise, the less politicians, listen to the people. The balance of power, is that we let, others represent our values. If they do not, we fire, them. So we give up, authority, to them; and they give up, authority to us. Marxism, is not interested in this balance of party. It deliberately changes the meaning of words, to justify fascism, as anti-fascism; and racism, as anti-racism; and heirarchy, as a means, to protect democracy. I suggest, we stop their word, degradation. Liberals and conservatives, have lived by tolerance, for centuries. What we cannot allow, is this redefining, of historical words, and history.
    Please consider, seeding this idea. If patriots unite, we can take over, the republican party; like the marxists did, the democratic party. We need a party, of democrats, and republicans, that stand for God, then the individual family, then the community. Way down the list, of our priorites, is the balance of power, by checks and balances. We the people, rule, our representatives; allowing them, to have, very limited power, over us. Stop, causing divisions, by bigotry. None of us, will get the vast majority, to agree in everything. But the silent majority, can agree, we only want a government; that is limited, to protecting individual families. Other priorities, must be balanced, by our number one, and two.
    Lets get rid of those, who want to serve themselves, by politics. I strongly suggest, citizens who want, the balance of power, put aside their parties. I believe, the institutions, have grown rotten. People are leaving, the institutions of religion, because they are leaving, God’s priorities. This does not mean, that we have lost, the power of the silent, majority. The two party system, needs to be harnessed, in a way, that joins all of us, that are true patriots. Marxists, are not. If we get, the right, to the republican name; lets change, the name; and unify, those who still agree, our imperfect nation, is not ours, if we remain, inspired, by our God.


  2. What we are all searching for, is the right words, to describe, what is happening. Marxists, confuse, the meanings of words. We need to concentrate, on finding the right words to use. As we each search for this, we will build on each others expressions. Mark Levin, has been suggesting, we identify the opposition, as american marxist’s. Instead of calling the opposition, the democratic party; we should call them, those that want to destroy, our history, as an imperfect nation. The printing of the bible, has slowed down, the loss of language. History shows, how words can be corrupted with time. The english bible, has unified an entire culture for centuries. Our founding fathers, realized, the evil that remains within.

    We need to join, in the first and second, priorities of true believers: God, then, family. Because of this, most families, do not emphasize, our countries politics; and rightly so. It is not, priority, one or two. Our forefathers, wanted freedom of religion. We will not, agree on our theologies. But we can, agree, we need to worship, God. Families, divide, if they do not.

    Look at what, the marxists, want. The removal, of our faith, in God. The removal of our second, of priorities. The removal, of the balance of all power, by a heirarchy. Our response, needs to be, intolerance. We will not, give up, our faith in God, or give up, our holy, familes. If we have, to bear up, arms; let us, not be wearing, Jesus sheepskin. Sacrificing, God’s priorities, is how the marxists, win. What we, need, to defend; is faith in God, and then our families. We, the people, rule, our governments. This is, opposite, the marxists.

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  3. Income Tax (and IRS) are wasteful and corrupt. Experts estimate transaction costs approximate a half trillion dollars annually; and tax exemptions are awarded to those such as Dan Rostenkowski’s campaign contributors, the Pritzkers.


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