Horrible Deaths From Experimental Vaccines & What to Expect Later Should Concern You

People are worried about taking the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines,” not only because of the horrible deaths they are causing, but the high probability of severe health problems they will cause.

Most recently, women are taking note of the “pause” the CDC has placed on injecting the Johnson & Johnson “vaccine” into their arms.

I found a case in CDC’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System about a 45-year-old woman in Virginia who received a Johnson & Johnson shot in early March. A week later, she experienced a severe headache and was taken to the hospital.

She had blood clotting and a low platelet count, and she died about two weeks after getting the vaccine.

Unfortunately, like millions of others rushing to have their bodies injected with an unproven experiment, this lady was obediently taking her orders from TV.

This is exactly why we don’t rely on press releases from CDC or mainstream media. We cull through the actual data instead of waiting for legacy news media to misinterpret for their propaganda. See the actual report for yourself:

Dr. Richard Fleming, PhD, MD, JD, a renowned Cardiologist and researcher, knows there is a good chance that the mRNA from the totally experimental vaccines being given to millions “can be incorporated into your human DNA by action of the reverse transcriptase enzyme present in the vaccine.”

Fleming’s research indicates the experimental vaccine “creates antibodies that not only greatly increase infectivity of the virus, but can potentially attack the heart valves of the vaccine recipient, which would eventually lead to the need for valve replacement surgery.”

The pandemic of SARS-CoV-2 resulted from a naturally occurring corona virus that was modified to provide gain-of-function.

Deaths are the result of an Inflammothrombotic Response (ITR) to the virus and failure to treat the inflammatory and thrombotic consequences in those people with impaired immune system control, resulted “from either a naïve immune system or individuals with increased immune responses resulting from comorbidities. Comorbidities that affect more than half the world’s population,” Fleming explained.

While vaccines that have been proven safe and effective can reduce morbidity and mortality, unsafe and ineffective vaccines can produce quite the opposite result.

The rush to develop these vaccines that (a) can neither stop infection since immunization does not actually prevent infection, and (b) will precipitate the very immune response that has already killed 1.9-million people, “is myopic at best and poses a substantially greater potential threat to the health and safety of people receiving the vaccine shot(s), as demonstrated with the H1N1 vaccine for Swine Flu.”

“The Swine Flu vaccine was also approved by the FDA who assured us the vaccine was both safe and effective,” recalled Dr. Fleming. “It was neither and I took care of some of those patients who developed neurologic problems as a result of being vaccinated.”

The guidelines for controlling SARS-CoV-2 were clearly violated as evidenced by the pandemic from Wuhan,” he continued. “The rush to develop and push these vaccines is a continued violation of protocols designed to produce safe and effective vaccines.”

“These violations raise serious ethical and medical questions that have not been answered. Approval of these vaccines by the FDA and other world health leaders and organizations can hardly be met with confidence given the track record of these agencies and the potential conflicts-of-interest for those involved in the development of these vaccines.”

“All of this leaves me with many questions, just a few of which include: If the vaccine is so safe and effective, then why aren’t the people making the vaccine getting vaccinated?”

“Surely, if these vaccines are that good, safe and effective, then the workers producing the vaccines and the executives at these companies and their families, are critical to keeping the supply of vaccine coming to the rest of us. Why aren’t they being vaccinated?”

“If the vaccines are that safe and effective, why aren’t the world leaders getting vaccinated first, or for that matter the Federal Judges? Leaders lead, do they not?”

“If you are going to force vaccination on anyone, then you should demonstrate the safety and efficacy by volunteering yourself and your family. If you are going to sit on the bench in a Courtroom and decide on punishment for people who refuse to be vaccinated, then you and your family should demonstrate that these vaccines are safe and effective.”

“The better question might actually be, Why are people NOT getting the types of treatments that have been shown to reduce the InflammoThrombotic Response (ITR) killing people, instead of pushing vaccines that will cause this deadly InflammoThrombotic Response?”

About Dr. Fleming

I was born and raised in Northeast Iowa and as a “Kennedy Kid” received advanced Doctorate scientific training through a program established by the JFK administration including Calculus and Particle Physics – a process that began when I was 12 years old. I have received degrees in Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Psychology graduating second – first runner up – in my class.

I attended the University of Iowa College of Medicine graduating with High Honors including research on sodium (salt) and hypertension in patients, as 1 of 17 Honors students in Internal Medicine out of a class of 176. I have been blessed to be trained by some of the best physician-scientists in the world.

Following medical college, I completed my Internship and Residency in Internal Medicine, and Cardiology Fellowship where I began publishing several research papers on QCA, diets and heart disease and trained in Nuclear Cardiology including both SPECT & PET imaging. I am one of three “certified” from the University in PET imaging following a one-year course of study on anti-matter PET cameras and instrumentation.

Following my post doc training I continued my investigation into the cause of heart disease and developed the Theory of Inflammation and Cardiovascular Disease in 1994, the theory that not only explains Heart Disease, but also explains Cancer and SARS-CoV-2, aka CoVid-19.

Most recently I obtained my law degree receiving the class award for Memorandum of Law. I have used this degree to assist in several Federal case filings including Civil Rights litigation and patent development. Prior to receiving my JD I attempted to address some of the problems with Big Pharma – an area of my life where I have met with my greatest failures, but which I continue to fight in an effort to expose what I consider to be moral wrongs.

Following 20 years of research I finally patented the Fleming Method for Tissue and Vascular Differentiation and Metabolism, which is the only non-invasive method available to quantitatively measure changes happening inside the body; changes that occur with heart disease, cancer, and CoVid-19.


  1. Thank God for Dr. Fleming and the amazing questions he raises. I’ve heard from no better educated or experienced Physician, Researcher, Scientist, or Practitioner of Law that would dare challenge his findings or stand up for the truth.
    The individuals and corporations pushing these faux vaccines on us all have a vested interest in doing so. They refuse to allow themselves or their loved ones to be injected as they are fully aware of just how dangerous the shots are. Awhile back, Bill Gates arrogantly stated his own children would NOT be getting the vaccines. Why not Bill? What are you hiding from the public? If you’ve heavily invested millions into creating this ‘vaccine’, why don’t you have faith in it? Could it be that the injections were designed to be life-threatening? Or maybe it has to do with the overwhelming amount of greed you have, knowing the Billions you stand to profit from this hoax?
    I agree wholeheartedly with Dr.Fleming – have those that stand to gain the most be the first in line, along with their families, to get these ‘safe and effective vaccines’. After all – isn’t that what leaders do – Lead?

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  2. You say elites should take the vaccine? the problem is we have seen the pretense that they have gotten the shot it’s all a lie! Even those that actually got a shot pretty sure their shot was actually SALINE! You know they and their families are actually using IVERMECTIN because they are NOT getting sick like the general population!

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