Aunt Jemima Was a Symbol of Equal Rights & Ending Poverty

Aunt Jemima was a strong symbol and advocate for many things good: equal rights, ending poverty, wholesomeness, and good taste.

Thanks to an indoctrinated generation of cultural liberals, she is now a symbol of censorship, hypocrisy, prejudice and media bias.

7 thoughts on “Aunt Jemima Was a Symbol of Equal Rights & Ending Poverty

  1. Young and ignorant grown children. They might be college educated, but lack common knowledge of anything. I would bet they don’t know her story or about her success; that would be too much to research. Aunt Jemima was a cultural icon, and this group of morons took everything she stood for away. Good reporting.

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  2. Perhaps it’s time to change the terms of reference for those who are propagating our current social destruction. Rather than Social Liberals, perhaps it’s more apt to refer to this group as Cultural Leftists. Rather than Politically Correct Liberals, Political Illiterates. Better yet, why not refer to these groups by something even they can grasp: The American Taliban. Intolerant, destructive, hate filled and mostly ignorant, they are anything but liberal or correct.

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  3. Yes – she was ERASED by IGNORANT but ‘politically correct’ cultural liberals. I don’t understand how that’s something to be proud of.

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  4. It is a huge shame that you caved into these politically correct liberals. No one has any guts any more.
    It is the same old story, ” it is all about the money”. Was shopping in jewell the other day, and could not

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