Mike Pence Post Didn’t Turn Out too Well For Him

When ex-Vice President Mike Pence posted a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” greeting on social media March 17, 2021, it didn’t go over too well with thousands of patriotic Americans.

Within hours, responses from comments came pouring in negative. “Traitor,” “turncoat,” “hijacker” were just a few of the titles bestowed upon him, mostly due to his lack of action on the January 6, 2021 congressional vote count as head of the Senate. Others due to his secret past:

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Pence’s followers once reached 2.4 million. Today, it has dropped to less than 1.9 million.

6 thoughts on “Mike Pence Post Didn’t Turn Out too Well For Him

  1. I totally agree with the posters here! Mike Pence has lost my respect! He’s nothing but a JUDAS and I hope he lives to regret his betrayal of our president! I have a feeling he will because he only shot himself in the foot by doing what he did!

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  2. What he did, or rather what he did not do, was horrible and worse than disappointing. However, I am still praying for him, because we don’t know what he was facing or being threatened with or afraid of, and we never know what we’ll do till we’re in someone’s shoes. If that is the case, I’ll bet he’s tormented by his cowardice; if he doesn’t care, more will come out.

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    1. I believe he was being blackmailed to rule against Trump just like John Roberts is. He put his family over country which is what lots of them do when push comes to shove. Comey even admitted it. Amy is doing it as well. We don’t know what we’d do in their shoes.

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